Are Those New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Still Working?

Are your News Year’s Resolutions working

Remember the News Year’s Resolutions you made earlier this month? Getting back into the gym, going on a diet, cutting back on the “bad things.” It’s now the end of the month and are you still keeping up on your goals? Most of the country has seen a horrendous month of cold and snowy winter. Did that keep you in? Was it too cold to run or get out of bed to get a workout in before work?
According to Mike Littrel, president and CEO of X3 sports gyms in Atlanta, “January is the natural reset point for people — it’s the beginning of the year. The holidays are over. It’s a natural time for people to make a change and a shift in their life.” It seems everyone jumps on the health and fitness bandwagon. Unfortunately, most gyms see a drop off in attendance midway through February. “Within the first three weeks, they fade away from the goal or the intensity of what they’re committing to,” Littrel said. “From what I see, it takes 28 days to create a habit. They’re quitting before the 21st day.”
The biggest complaint, according to is “they don’t see any results.” So what are the reasons given for the slack off?
1. People are not changing what they eat. They get caught up in the same ‘ole eating patterns and habits as before. The quick, whatever is available right now, meal. A lot of people hit the gym, but don’t watch what they eat, said Jordan Yuam, who trains “Twilight” actor Taylor Lautner. They get impatient because they don’t see dramatic changes in the first few weeks of working out. A simple solution would be to start small. Instead of a full-on menu change, gradually decrease the fats, sugars and carbs.
2. Your workout is boring. Many people don’t even know how to set a proper workout routine and end up working machines or with weights and they don’t know how to use them properly. This leads to boredom and quitting your workout early, not giving the exercise the chance to work.
3. You’re only doing weights or just a cardio workout. To see the full results, a person needs to not only work their heart and endurance or stamina out, but also their muscles. A split between both will not only ensure you reach your target heart rate, but also hitting the muscles to strengthen and tone. The key here is to break it up!
4. You’ve set your goals way too high! Going from sitting on the couch to working out seven days a week are pretty unrealistic. Start gradually and then work up to your full potential.
Before you know it, those results will be ringing in this New Year!

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