Ascension Day

Not only is Thursday, June 2, the time of one of two partial solar eclipses to come in the next month, moreover it is Ascension Day.  Ascension what?  Many church goers will acknowledge this day on Sunday however tomorrow is Ascension Day, where believers are offered tangible promises of hope and power.

Ironic is it not?  Think about it, the partial solar eclipses coming this month are said to bring promise and hope of what we have been working towards as human beings.  Than within the religious circle they fall on Ascension Day.  Funny how astrology and religion seem to cross paths in more ways than one, but this time it happens to be solar eclipses and Ascension Day share the promise of hope and wellbeing in a time when this world needs it most.

Ascension Day is not really understood in the way that Easter is.  First off everyone needs to understand what ascension means in English terms.  When someone ‘ascends’ they are moving up towards the heavens, which in Jesus’ case meant that as his body was lifted up his power and energy were diffused and spread beyond all the bounds.

The first of two solar eclipses begins on June 1, 2011 and goes through June 2, 2011.  Holly Robin’s earlier article 2 Solar Eclipses Apart of June and July 2011 Eclipse Trinity explains how astrologers and mystics have come to perceive the two solar eclipses and lunar eclipse that will occur over the next 30 days.

The Ascension Day anticipates the Pentecost where the Holy Spirit descends upon the 12 apostles and marks the birth of the church under the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is where it gets good for me personally.  I am not religious, yet I go to church so I can study everything and anything to do with religious beliefs, spiritual, and other practices.

Pentecost marks the end of the Easter Season and the beginning of the season of sanctification.  After Ascension Day brings the hope and promise of what you have worked for, you must continue to spread the word through Pentecost and distinguished by the color “green” the growth season that follows Easter shall fall under the lunar and 2nd solar eclipse.

The solar eclipses and the lunar eclipse are said to mark a time of great rebirth and growth for those who believe and will be rewarded for their hard work.  It began a few weeks earlier than Easter and ends somewhere around late October 2011.  Two solar eclipses and a lunar eclipse falling in the same period as Ascension Day and Pentecost?  Interesting.

Moreover the time period astrology considers a blessing begins and ends roughly the same time as Easter Season and the Sanctification Season.  It is marked by the beginning of growth and renewal as we work towards being better individuals, and then ends in Pentecost where the chosen are given the power of the Holy Spirit to boost them all the way to Advent which is the Sunday closest to November 30th usually.  Just a month after the astrology period comes to a close.

People have been saying this Easter Season, these two solar eclipses and lunar eclipse, the weather, the politics; the world in general with the disasters is the end of the world.  On the contrary, I believe it is an awakening merely because we are ascending as a race, realizing what we have been doing all along.  Whatever your beliefs, Ascension Day, solar eclipses, or just hope, hang in there things are going to get better.

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