Beer and Leadership: Leadership on Acid (part 9)

Beer and Leadership: Leadership on Acid (part 9)


Beer and leadership are two things that I value in life. With St. Patrick’s Day in the midst, we can all come together to enjoy our favorite brews. But like wine, there is so much variety in beer: Some are sweet, some are bitter, some are light, some are dark, some are hearty, and some are like water. The cool thing about beer is that it can tell us a little about who you are or where you are from. Many beers go in line with one’s personality and even one’s geographic location. Here’s everything you need to know about beer in five minutes:

Malty or Hoppy?

Whether or not you like the taste of the beer often depends on if it is more of a malty beer or a hoppy one.

A malty beer tends to have nutty, biscuity, caramel, toffee, brown sugar, or smoky flavor. The malt is basically the grain (like barley) that provides sugar which is fermented by yeast to yield alcohol and carbon dioxide. 

A hoppy beer is one with more zing–like the spice of the beer, or bitterness. Acids and essential oils in the hop (the cone shaped flower of a vine) provide aromas and character to balance the flavor of the malt. The hops provide floral, fruity, and maybe citrus flavors to the beer. 

Personally, I like a smooth beer with a caramel aroma and subtle bitterness–so I tend to go for malty brews. One of my personal favorites is a Scottish ale by the name of Belhaven. I see in the U.S. at certain specialty markets. Some British pubs might have it as well. If you like a dark beer, it doesn’t get much better. 

So the next time you are at a bar or pub and you order some beer with friends, think about trying something a little different, perhaps one to better suit who you are. If you are a college student who just wants to get messed up, then a cheap light beer is ideal. If you are at a fine restaurant and want something to compliment whatever you are eating, think twice about the style (ale, lager, stout, etc.) and it will be a better meal as a result. If I want something heavy, I’ll get a creamy stout. If I want something light, I’ll get an ale. If I want something in between, a lager works fine. 

You may not think of beer as being sophisticated like wine, but it certainly can be. Just like you can have a wine tasting, you can certainly have a beer tasting. As a holiday of partying (and beer) passes us by, remember to respect as much as you consume beer, and you probably will enjoy it that much more. 

Be a leader of beer! Educate others so that they too may learn about beers they may not have known even existed. What is your favorite beer?  Share with us your comments. 

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