Bromberg’s Leadership on Acid (part one)

Leadership on acid, cutting through all the noise…

I think the word leadership gets tossed around too much. You can be a leader with anything:


Leadership in Parenting (Chris Teti, fellow writer at the BQB)

Leadership in Sex (prequel to the parenting article)

Leadership in Business (entrepreneurs)

Leadership in Health (Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Dr. Weil, etc.)

Leadership in Bats (I was just watching some nature program about bats)

Leadership in Leadership (managers of managers, trainers, teachers, etc.)


But I don’t want to overcook an already highly publicized human quality. I want to present some helpful points that deal with enhancing your leadership skills—simply and raw.

#1: Leadership Steak

There are many ways to cook a steak. It always has to start out blood rare. A leader of any sort has to start out a little pink—it takes time to be “well done.” Not everyone can be a leader—some people just prefer to be vegan

#2: Leadership Fake Meat

There are many ways to cook fake meat, although I guess the pink metaphor doesn’t work here. The positive message I can bring to you vegetarian leaders is that fake meat may be different, but it doesn’t have to be disgusting. If you can provide people with delicious fake meat, that actually can be pretty interesting. We are often surprised when we find inventive options that are good for the soul (tasty) and good for the heart—same thing with leaders. Having a good heart makes the difference between being the cold, corporate investment banker and the warm, caring, but sensible branch manager.

#3: Find what it is that makes you tick

It can be very cliché to say to someone find your passion or be your best. I think the better way to say this is simply that we all have something that we really want to do—maybe it is just a hobby, or something merely on the side while you make a living with the dayjob. Whatever it is that we really want to do, if we can actually set out to do that as a full time thing, then that can be the difference in leading a mediocre life to a super happy time goes by so fast I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow existence—and who wouldn’t want that?

Leaders should have that as their main goal:

A super happy time goes by so fast I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow existence.

#4: Minimize all the bad stuff

We all have problems. I see too many people that don’t do too much about them. Write down the top five problems you are dealing with in life right now. Pick one to focus on solving and pick a date in which to be held accountable.

For example:

I need a new cell phone. My phone has something very wrong with it where it restarts over and over again and it takes forever for it to actually get booted up properly. I need to do some research on what phone to get next, I need to buy the insurance this time so that I can just get it replaced if it breaks, and I need to get a couple hundred bucks together to purchase it. My time period is to do this by the end of the month.

Seriously, make your list and at least tackle and focus on one of them—you’ll feel so much better when you do.

#5: Do something funny today

We all need a little humor in our lives. I cannot stress this enough. Some people go days or even months without telling or hearing a joke. That ain’t right. Google something you find funny and write it down on a post-it note—look at it later in the day when you are stressed out with work.

I wrote about toilet paper the other day. The stuff I buy, a very leading brand, says on the packaging “Flushable, septic system safe” as if it is a luxury to flush. Now I can’t speak for other countries, but in the United States our plumbing is such where Obama has never had to get up in front of people after discussing mortgage rates and issues with the fiscal cliff, and explain to us that soon and hopefully during his administration, we will no longer have to worry about what to do after we wipe ourselves.

The fact that the toilet paper company put this on their packaging just tells me that their marketing department is either overpaid or just lazy.

Roger: Hey Jim, I had an idea of something we can put on the package so that we’ll stand out from the competitors.

Jim: Yeah? What?

Roger: We put, “Now flushable.” See you could always flush it, but by putting it on the package people see it as something we do better than the others, because then they believe you can’t flush the other company’s product as well and it could damage their plumbing. Nobody wants to pay for a plumber to come out, you know.

Jim: Brilliant.


To recap, we all are inexperienced in the beginning (a little pink) and that is okay—since some people like their steak pink anyway. Fake meat can be delicious too—dare to be different in your objectives. Make sure you work on things that make you happy. Too many people have their “ball and chains” AKA their job and it would be so much better if they can take some pride or some satisfaction from the tasks they do on a daily basis. Do some problem solving. Good leaders always are interested in solutions and how to get there–rather than dwelling on the status-quo. Pick a problem and get it off your top five. Finally, do something funny. Maybe buy some toilet paper and tell your spouse you pay a few more bucks because you got the good stuff, and now it is safe to flush with peace of mind.


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