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Super Bowl XLVI : Supporting the Economy

The big game will kick off Feb. 5 at 6:30pm ET in Indianapolis on NBC and the spending in preparation for the event has been high. According to a new survey by the National Retail Federation’s Retail Advertising and Marketing

Disney Allows Beards for its Theme Park Employees

Beginning Feb. 3, Disney employees at the theme parks can show up to work with a beard or a goatee without worry, as long as it is shorter than a quarter of an inch. According to the LA Times, Disneyland announced

Serial Killer Hits the OC

serial killer

I’ve been watching the television show Dexter these days, getting fully enveloped into the world of a serial killer who works for Miami PD forensics as a blood analyst. Throughout the series, the serial killer in the show choose their

Obama Gives Early Christmas Present to Soldiers and Their Families

U.S. troops

Obama Gives Early Christmas Present to Iraq Troops An early Christmas came to millions on Thursday when U.S. troops lowered the flag of command that flew over the Iraqi capital, carefully rolled it and cased it in camouflage in accordance

Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and the Holidays

I cringed a bit when I wrote an article headline that included both Obama the President of the United States and the young and ultra-popular music star Justin Bieber. These two folks aren’t anything alike but they both attended a

Pearl Harbor Remembering The Day

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Remembering The Day Many People Lost Their Lives Seventy years ago, FDR proclaimed Pearl Harbor, “a date which will live in infamy.” December 7th marks the anniversary of the deadly attack on Pearl Harbor. The United States suffered

Adam Carolla on Economy and Occupy Protests

Comedian Adam Carolla has been viral lately over rants he has produced related to what he sees is the impetus for all the Occupy Wall Street Protests. While he used to have a very popular morning radio program, now he

Ohio Craigslist Murders: A Real Life Dexter?

Craiglist Murders

Craiglist Murders Upon reading about the Ohio murders that seemed to be linked to a Craigslist ad luring people to an area where they think they will be gaining employment, I wonder if the perpetrator is a fan of the

Cursing Baby Dolls Infuriate Parents

Cursing Baby Dolls You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls Cursing baby dolls? Yeah its happening.  Now ask yourself the question, what would you do if you thought the toys you bought for your little kids used bad

Immigration Bill in Alabama Passes

Alabama passes immigration Bill

Apparently, Alabama’s new immigration bill (HB 56) is causing quite a bit of controversy down south.  Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, who signed the law back in June, said it would not have been needed “if the federal government would have

Starbucks Conquered Coffee Next Reinvent Juicing

Starbucks Starts Juicing Starbucks has become the definition of the ubiquitous store. Comedian Lewis Black even did a bit about how he saw a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks, which, according to him, was the end of the

Andy Rooney Passes Away at Age 92

Andy Rooney Passes away at 92 Andy Rooney, known for his years of commentary on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” has passed away at the age of 92. According to CBS, Andy Rooney died Friday night, only a month after delivering his 1,097th

Georgia Militia Group Plotted Using Online Novel Absolved

Georgia Militia Group 4 Men Over the Age of 65 Arrested in Georgia Militia Group Plot An online novel, Absolved has been coined as the outline for four men in the Georgia militia group who are facing charges in court

DREAM Act Grants Undocumented Students Financial Aid

Undocumented Students benefit from the DREAM Act yet most are unauthorized and unable to work in the United States. Receive financial aid, get a great education and not pay taxes? Immigration needs to be monitored and the DREAM

Columbus Day Celebrations of Italian American Culture

Before you look at Christopher Columbus, take a look at Columbus Day celebrations around the country and realize it is more of a holiday for Italian Americans to celebrate their culture here in America. Columbus Day is not meant

Housing Market Mortgages Bad Credit 101

Housing Market

America's Housing Market is in shambles as bad credit, bankruptcy take over and the best home loan owner no longer can be found. Mortgage application bad credit? It used to be ok, however not anymore. Home refinancing

Troy Davis Death Penalty by Lethal Injection

Troy Davis Death Penalty

Tweets went up #TroyDavis #JusticeforTroy and more as the Troy Davis death penalty sentence went through Wednesday by method of lethal injection.

Troy Davis Execution Hours Away

Will Georgia stop the Troy Davis Execution? Was Troy Davis a scapegoat for the Savannah police officials? Is this a case between African Americans and Whites in the south? Interesting case, three times before they have stayed,

World Trade Center Site New York and 9/11 Ten Years Later

World Trade Center Site New York and September 11th September 12th 2011 World Trade Center Memorial Opens, New York braces through terrorist threats Ten years ago a hole was carved in the New York skyline as two planes flew into