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Mississippi floodgate opened in attempt to save New Orleans and Baton Rouge

BUTTE, LAROSE, LA— A “cities first” approach is being taken in the handling of the record flooding of the Mississippi River, and a major floodgate will be opened—and left open—in an effort to divert water from Louisiana’s largest cities and

NASA Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch

NASA began the last launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor from the Kennedy Space Center this morning at 8:56 AM Eastern Standard time.  Main Engine Cutoff confirmed a successful launch of Endeavor (Endeavour) at 9:10 AM Eastern Standard Time.  Today,

Newt Gingrich “To Save America”

To save America or not to save America?  When it comes to saving America the man with the plan, Newt Gingrich announced yesterday, May 11th that he would be entering into the Republican presidential field.  A former House speaker, Newt

Energy Crisis, Employment Crisis-Where is the U.S. Headed?

Energy crisis, employment crisis…  There are people who need a job before they can buy gas while those of us who are currently employed can barely afford the gas needed to get to work.  When it comes to jobs and

Mississippi River Floods

Yesterday May 8, 2011 was supposed to be a day designated for Mom’s throughout the nation to take a break and get some much-deserved R&R.  However for residents around the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee, Mother’s Day turned into a

Canadian woman survives 7 weeks stranded in car in Nevada wilderness

VANCOUVER, BC— The Canadian woman who was found alive in the Nevada wilderness after spending seven weeks stranded in her car apparently had a premonition just the day before that her ordeal would be coming to an end, according to

Gas Prices Falling for Now

There is not much I follow when it comes to prices rising and falling on the market, but the New York Mercantile Exchange has my attention, how could it not?  Driving an SUV every cent counts when you live your

President Obama Meets With Seal Team

During the take down of Osama bin Laden this past Sunday, May 1st 2011, intelligence was collected from the compound, revealing that al Qaeda members were planning their own celebration for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this upcoming September.  A

May 5th, 2011: A National Day of Prayer, Cinco De Mayo and Obama Visits NYC

If you have a critical decision to make than today is the day to pray on it, well at least that is what the first Thursday in May has become in memory of our founding fathers.  The National Day of

Obama administration decides against releasing bin Laden corpse photos

WASHINGTON, DC— In the end, after discussions with his advisors and input from various heads of states, President Barack Obama has decided not to publish photos of the deceased Osama bin Laden, declaring: “That’s not who we are.  We don’t

President Barack Obama Visits Ground Zero

Today a poll was released by the New York Times/CBS News, which showed a rise in public opinion when it came to President Barack Obama and his performance rating. However in a disturbing turn it also showed that more Americans

President Obama Fires Back at Donald Trump

President Barack Obama can joke as he showed off his silly side at the White House Correspondents dinner last night.  Even more amusing was Donald Trump sitting there stone cold and unexpecting of the roast, of which he would later

Deadly tornados Rip Through South

Deadly tornadoes ripped across the south killing 300 people this week, complicating efforts by southern states and municipalities to stabilize their finances.  Federal assistance should help ease the weight of the economic impact left behind by the disaster.   Wiping out

Donald Trump Products Manufactured in China As He Raves About Job Loss in America

Portsmouth, New Hampshire I have one question for you, were you ready? Alright you got me; I really do not care for Donald Trump after his recent onslaught about President Obama’s birth certificate.  Not because I am an avid Obama

SouthWest Airlines Still Has no Answers for Cracks in Plane Skin

Southwest Airlines, tsk tsk tsk… Personally I prefer JetBlue because you can actually pick your seats, they offer television sets and honestly I just feel safer on their planes.  I can admit I have flown on Southwest both to Florida

Donald Trump opens new argument against Obama—his education!

NEW YORK, NY— As he continues to mull running for president on the Republican ticket in 2012, real estate mogul Donald Trump is sticking to the outspoken attacks against President Barack Obama that has led him to the top of

Leader of Egyptian revolution leaving Google to start NGO in his home country

ASHINGTON, ENGLAND— The Google executive, who administered the Facebook page that led to an uprising, thus becoming the Egyptian revolution’s unofficial hero, is taking a leave of absence from the company in order to set up his own NGO in

Today Marks the Anniversary of the Columbine Shootings

April 20th is known for many things, an alternate article I did today explained the reason it is known as “National Weed Day”. However another anniversary came to April 20th back in 1999 when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked

Arizona governor vetoes controversial “birther” and firearms bills

PHOENIX, AZ— In an announcement made late Monday night, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the states proposed “birther bill” as well as another controversial piece of legislation allowing guns on college campuses. In a blow to the conservatives that control