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Disneyland’s White Rabbit: Racist?

Disneyland’s White Rabbit: Racist?  A report from KGTV-TV Channel 10 San Diego tells us about an African-American family suing Disneyland for possible racism coming from a cast member in a White Rabbit costume. The Black family, yes that is their

Groundhog Day: Leadership on Acid (part 4)

Groundhog Day: Leadership on Acid (part 4)  We can learn a lot from the woodchuck.    #1 Groundhogs and Leadership First of all, Happy Groundhog Day. Punxutawney Phil is the star of Groundhog Day and he did in fact predict

Bromberg’s Leadership on Acid (part one)

Leadership on acid, cutting through all the noise… I think the word leadership gets tossed around too much. You can be a leader with anything:   Leadership in Parenting (Chris Teti, fellow writer at the BQB) Leadership in Sex (prequel

New Years Resolutions : New Year, New YOU

New Years Resolutions aka What Will Motivate you? How will you use your clean slate to apply yourself to the best New Years Resolution you can think of? ***    New Years Resolutions for 2013 **** I look forward to doing all the things



What Is Fate | Defining, Denying and Discussing The Mystery

What is fate?  Well it is a number of things.  From the puppy that comes from another state into your arms just when you need him the most, to making an incredible move out to an entirely different culture and

New Year’s Resolution History and Hype

New Years Resolutions

What is you New Year’s Resolution My New Year’s resolution ? That’s easy.  To work less, live more and love like no one’s watching.  For some the concept of a New Year’s resolution is un-needed and honestly there is a

All I want for Christmas is employment!

christmas unemployment

All I want for Christmas is a job As we approach Christmas, the news is all about shopping, celebration, cooking, movies, and anything that goes well with the holiday atmosphere.  Reporting about the economy normally may not seem like good Christmas

Thanksgiving Recipes That Won’t Break the Bank

Thanksgiving Recipes Tired of the same old Thanksgiving recipes?  Looking some change in your dinner plates but not your pockets?  The BQB has some Thanksgiving recipes that are guaranteed thumbs up without digging too deep into your pockets. Thanksgiving Recipes:

Thanksgiving for Vegetarians


Happy Thanksgiving Vegetarians! With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, millions of Americans are planning much-anticipated activities during their time off—whether it being shopping or just relaxing with family, it should be a time where we can at least be thankful

Paranormal Activity Travel Guide Halloween Weekend

Paranormal Activity Local Haunts, Legends and Stories of Paranormal Activity Looking for paranormal activity this Halloween?  And no I do not mean Paranormal Activity in the movie theatres; I am talking the real thing.  Ghosts, hauntings, terrifying legends and more,

About the Brain | Why Machine Voiceovers Are Usually Female

About the Brain GPS, TomTom and machines use female voices because it is all about the brain and what it prefers We all wonder about the brain.  What is it about the brain that makes us partial towards certain foods,

Switching to Banking Online? Banks Use Autopay Defense

Banking Online Alternative to Bank Fees will be Online Banking Banking online sure seems appealing with all these new bank fees being initiated.  With some banks gaining negative attention for charging fees for previously free services such as using a

Simon Cowell Admits Cutting Amaro Would Be Mistake

Simon Cowell Says Sorry Gut instinct told Simon Cowell not to cut Melanie Amaro, he admitted on X Factor Simon Cowell, once again initiated a gasp that would be heard around the world from the audience.  Sometime around 9:45 p.m.

iPhone 5 Will it be Worth the Wait?

  While most are still speculating on what the new iPhone will look like and how it will perform, I will make an educated guess and say that the next iPhone will be worth the wait. I have never owned

RAM Memory Check on Your Computer

Ever wonder how to check the RAM memory on your computer? Checking your computer's RAM memory is pretty simple once you have someone to walk you through it.

American Idol Season 11 Returns with Familiar Faces

According to, American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has confirmed that J-Lo will return for another year as judge, along with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and, as always, Randy Jackson. Season 11 of American Idol will soon kick off in

Using Facebook to Find College Roommates

I remember when I first went to college—it was exciting, new, adventurous, and a new chapter of life. I had a “random roommate” that the housing office picked and I didn’t know what would become of it—but that was part