Chicken Church: A New Brand of Journalism?

A church in Florida was photographed recently and then became popular on the internet due to its resemblance to a chicken. One can only wonder if photographers are actually out there looking to take pictures of things that might generate some buzz, in odd ways. I suppose there is a website somewhere that just displays buildings that look like animals!chicken

The issue here is currently the new fame for a once typical place of worship. Church by the Sea in Madeira Beach Florida is the lucky place now that hundreds of tourists are flocking to, and not, of course, to do anything religious.

While some members of the church think it is funny, others are bothered by the idea of people taking pictures or visiting their church because of its animal-like architecture. 

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It if looked liked something offensive or something that resembled evil, like the devil, than that would be a whole other story. But a chicken? That seems harmless. If I was the Pastor, I would do a sermon about chicken and its connection to the Bible. 

The goofy thing is that this could be a new trend. Just like You Tube videos could always go viral, some might find something unique about the building they work in, or work near in order to attract tourists. Disney had the great idea back when there was no internet: Build something cool (a castle) and people will want to see it and take pictures in front of it. Now with “trending” and all the fame that goes with internet media, it is easier than ever to create something out of nothing. While I don’t have desire to go check out the chicken church, I could see it being on the Today Show or other shows due to its G-rated, yet amusing nature. What would make for a better story is the back story. Did the photographer stumble upon this, or was he actually looking for unusual things that might generate a buzz? Is there now a niche market for journalists where they do things like this–finding odd stories that may blow up on the web?  Sounds plausible to me. Perhaps there is even a whole branch that looks for strange looking buildings. What do you think?  Share with us your comments. 


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