Cursing Baby Dolls Infuriate Parents

Cursing Baby Dolls

You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls

Cursing baby dolls? Yeah its happening.  Now ask yourself the question, what would you do if you thought the toys you bought for your little kids used bad language?

Cursing Baby Dolls

Cursing Baby Dolls at Toys R Us

At Toys “R” Us the cursing baby dolls are causing an uproar from parents who claim they are saying “you crazy bitch.” The popular retail chain claims it is just baby talk and refuses to remove them from the shelf.

The You & Me Interactive Triplet Dolls look like any other dolls and while the words are not crystal clear, you can understand why parents might interpret it as a bad word. Is someone at the dolly company laughing on the inside or is it an honest mistake? You would think that the manufacturer would want to steer clear of any litigation regarding such a thing and would make the “baby talk” pure gibberish. Either a doll maker is not getting paid enough or the team just didn’t think ahead—parents will sue over anything if they think it is damaging to their children.

The You & Me Interactive Triplet Dolls are intended for children 2 and up.  Besides the swear word, the $39.99 cursing baby dolls also say ‘Mamma’, ‘Dadda’, and make other cooing, giggling noises.

According to the International Business Times, some parents have reportedly called for the potty-mouthed doll, also sold at online shops like Amazon, to be destroyed.

“It doesn’t sound like baby babble to me,” one Los Angeles mother told Fox.

“Oh absolutely, she’s calling them a crazy bitch,” an Orlando, Florida mom told Local 6 news.

“I think they should be burned,” another mother told the station, adding “I would like to write the [toy maker] a letter.”

Nothing on the box says that the dolls use explicit language. Although it would be pretty amusing if that was the case…

cursing baby dolls

They look cute but these are cursing baby dolls

Doll is intended for ages 2 and up. Dolls may say bitch, whore, slut, or other derogatory words for a female that could result in a lawsuit. Use at your own risk.

Love it.

Do you think the doll makers did this on purpose or was it an honest mistake? Watch the video and decide for yourself if the cursing baby dolls are really innocent.


YouTube Video on Cursing Baby Dolls

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