Democracy Dead America? F*CK YEAH: A Holly Robin Rant

Democracy Dead

Democracy is defined as an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights.  Our great country of America is said to be built upon this principle of democracy.  Our ancestors flocked towards the streets of gold, enduring the painful journey across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, even to this day people continue to look at our country as a beacon of hope.  Ironically America fuels this beacon with democracy, the idea that there is a government by the people for the people that ensures equality. America needs a change.

There is nothing democratic about America anymore.  Our rights are vanishing little by little, restrictions are being placed upon us in regards to our health care, our education, these are no longer equal systems.  Even our job market is being outsourced overseas if possible.  The answer to ending violence is not to remove guns! It’s too address those who abuse them. Moreover our media is blinding us by only publishing what it wants to publish, what makes money, what draws viewers.  Even the Newsroom on HBO demonstrates that the raw truth is not what the majority of news networks choose to cover.  Therefore in a hope to open some eyes here are the signs I have been noticing.

Money and power are one in the same and blue collared, honest workers are no longer earning a “fair” living.  Currently the films over the past several years are screaming that our country and our world are lacking equality. Why do I say that movies show this?  Well its an age old secret to those of us who are in the business that the movies released often are done to satisfy the appetite of an audience.  Even Shakespeare did this with his plays, mocking the royals and entertaining those who saw the truth.   During war/desperate times you may see more fantasy prone movies, allowing the audience to escape into a better place, even if its just for a few hours.  If we are in a time such as September 11th, you may see more war movies, encouraging young men to go and enlist, while building up the spirit to support the troops in those who stay stateside.

So when it comes to the lack of democracy in America what movies depict this most clearly? Let’s start with the most recent installment of the Batman saga which starred Christian Bale.  The Dark Knight had a few things that hinted at the control a small amount of people can have over an entire population.  First the Joker said it himself, through chaos you have control.  How does this translate into our lives?  Well if the media paints a picture of chaos in the countries outside of America than we become ignorant, thinking we have it great, there is nothing better so how can we change anything?  Second was how Batman convinced Lucius Fox to tap the cell phones of everyone in Gotham in order to turn them into tracking devices, upon which they nabbed the Joker.  This was in 2008.  A few years later in 2011 there were lawsuits being filed in regards to Google and Apple secretly recording and transmitting users’ location data via their Apple and Android devices.

Now fast forward to the last few years.  We have seen countless Marvel and DC comics being brought to life.  Superheroes to save us.  Unfortunately the only saving we can do is ourselves.  There is no Captain America or Ironman to come and suddenly step into the spotlight and transform all of our problems.  Young girls fell in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen because he looked at Bella with adoration, devotion and love.  He didn’t go onto and open an account to meet “sidepieces” he wasn’t going to another girl’s house once they were married.  Instead Edward Cullen was happy with Bella Swan.  He listened to her and like I said devoted himself to her.  Funny as marriages are declining love stories are doing incredibly well… Even if it is between a vampire and a human.

Another series more recently hitting theatres was the Hunger Games.  Now I know we aren’t sending our children off to the arena or anything but think about it… There are 13 districts, reduced to 12.  You don’t talk about 13, you don’t hear about 13, you just know they disobeyed and they no longer exist.  But why doesn’t anyone ask what happened to 13?  Can it happen again?  After reading this article today on Iceland I believe we are doing the same exact thing.  Countries all over the world are overthrowing their governments and what does our news broadcast?  The countries who are overthrowing their government in violence and needing America to come in and rescue them.  Have you heard of Iceland before today?  I know I hadn’t. But thanks to Facebook I have and I plan on sharing this as loudly as electronically possible.  Just like the Hunger Games one of the “districts” or countries under democracy rebels, and CNN reported on it along with many other smaller news organizations such as the NewStatesmen. “After the financial crash of 2008, Iceland refused to bail out its banks and overthrew its government.”  The Guardian also wrote a great piece on how Iceland decided to take back its democracy.

America is losing hope, well those of us who are awake enough to see what is happening.  Soldiers are returning from war only to kill themselves because our country is beyond ignorance.  A blind eye has been turned by the majority of Americans.  Why? I don’t know.  Perhaps its easier, or what if they are just too busy dealing with their own hell they can’t pay attention to others?  Sure that’s possible but I fear its because they simply are so selfish wrapped up in their materialistic ways they don’t see what really matters.   You can call me a conspiracy theorist, however I am far from it.  I look at the facts, I am not an Obama supporter like many think, in fact his recent performance has really disappointed me.  He has forgiven our banks, he has bailed out undocumented citizens and he has tried to make universal healthcare for the poor.  What about the average family?  We are now becoming the poor.  I make a pretty decent living and half of my paycheck a month goes to medical and school bills.

Wake up America, our president is not going too, nor is the rest of our government.  Maybe we should take some lessons from Iceland.  I mean after all if democracy is all about equality, than our government leaders are not doing their job, and like anyone in a position who does not do what they are hired to do, they should be let go.

What about this Obamacare?  We have a deadline to get health insurance?  I am limited to a choice of 2 different plans.  Universal healthcare my A$$.  Dollar signs having two meanings, one being the obvious and the other is that I am getting ripped off for medical coverage.  I already pay 500 a month with a 2500 dollar deductible.  Now I will be paying either $600 for a $1,500 deductible/20% coinsurance or $692 with a $3,500 deductible/20% coinsurance.  That’s doable right?  I have ended up paying almost $7,000-$10,000 each year for the last 3 years towards medical bills.  How is this affordable universal health coverage Obama?  A deadline or a fine for the holidays.  People cannot use the website.  But we are still expected to meet the December 21st deadline right?  Sort of like how the government extended the debt deadline eight times… I am sorry but this government is a joke.  The entirety.  Our president, our congress, they are all out for themselves and something needs to change if America is to be governed by democracy not greed.


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