DREAM Act Grants Undocumented Students Financial Aid

California Passes DREAM Act

DREAM Act Financial Aid for Undocumented Citizens


California Governor Jerry Brown approves DREAM Act

California Governor Jerry Brown passed the DREAM Act on Saturday.  The DREAM Act allows undocumented citizens to attend state colleges, however not achieve citizenship because of it.  At the University of Texas, the Texas Aggie Conservatives are rallying against the University Leadership Initiative to ensure the DREAM Act does not happen on their campus.  Why?

Last week students across 15 SUNY/CUNY campuses in New York took part in a walk out, in a means to protest the 30% tuition hike scheduled over the next 6 years.  With California passing the DREAM Act, I understand it is a monumental move for immigrants, however if you don’t have legal authorization to work in this country, how is it right to include these undocumented students as eligible in regards to financial aid?

By the way let me just state now my argument is on undocumented citizens, I do not care if you are black, white, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. I care that you are here, not eligible to work in the United States, but adding to a failing economy.  Many of the arguments regarding the DREAM Act are covering racial issues and education rights.  Come, get an education! But if you don’t want to pay taxes after or before you go to school than sorry, PAY FOR IT YOURSELF!  It’s hard enough to get financial aid for college when you’re a legal resident of the United States!   I had to take out $50,000 in school loans and so should the undocumented students who are at the same level as myself.

My younger brother is a Marine and this story was bought to my attention by a mother whose son serves our country on less than what a private college costs per year.  During the debt debates many objected to the money that is spent towards our military. Armytimes.com reports that Congress is pointing fingers towards the military budget for the enormous deficit we have surmounted.  My brother makes less in 2 weeks than some of these undocumented workers do in a week.  I get it, he has his room and board paid for, even for some the meals, however they defend our country with their lives, and really its only worth $900 bucks or so every two weeks? The Navy spends less than $800 million dollars a year on ship maintenance, if you’re a military supporter like me, than be forewarned this might boil your blood a bit.


No Amnesty, No DREAM Act

Upon researching the DREAM Act I have found myself getting deeper and deeper into an issue that has not had any airtime on television, mainstream, aka Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan kind of spotlight.  Through the Lonely Conservative I found an article from the Washington Post, reporting on an interesting topic that never seemed to make it into the mainstream media.  The Washington Post reported that the Internal Revenue Service allowed undocumented workers to collect $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits last year.  QUADRUPLE to the sum five years ago in 2006.  Now, with a deficit of $14.5 trillion dollars the $4.2 billion only accounts for .03% of our national debt.  However the United States Treasury website reported that when Bush left office we had $7.6 trillion dollars already accumulated, therefore making the last 6 years total $6.9 trillion dollars.  According to CNSNews.com the national debt increased in fiscal 2010 by $1.65 trillion dollars.  Granted $680 billion came from military spending however that is split between every branch of our military and the service members.  Now lets do some math…  The entire military budget for a year accounts for 41% of the deficit in 2010 however the military members pay taxes and protect our country.  The undocumented workers account for 1% of the deficit, yet that’s just in the IRS credits that were refunded.  Think of health care, jobs that are lost and more.

According to a report in February by the Pew Hispanic Center, there were 11-12 million undocumented citizens living in the United States in March of 2010.  Also a recent study shows that native-born workers lost 1.2 million jobs and foreign-born gained 656,000 after the Great Recession ended in June of 2009.  My question is what do the undocumented workers do for this country?  Really what do they do?  Can Americans go and work in another country without the proper paperwork? No.

Granted the DREAM Act in California deals with state financial aid, my problem is this. If you are not legally eligible to work in this country and generate revenue why are we paying you to live here?

The eligibility for receiving state financial aid through California can be found at the California Student Aid Commission website.   Applicants must fill out a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) upon which asks you to report your EFC or expected family contribution.  The EFC is taken from your family’s income the year before, off of your tax documents that you file with an accountant.  The Lonely Conservative reported last month on an article from the costing the state of California an additional $40 million dollars a year?  Yep that’s right Fox News reported that by Governor Jerry Brown passing the legislation for the DREAM Act, he tacks on an additional $40 million expense onto the state budget, but hey he has a back up plan. The Sacramento Bee reported that California revenues missed their mark in September, coming in $301.6 million rather than $310 million in revenue for the month.

So let me get this straight, you project that California will receive $4 billion dollars over the course of 2011/2012.  In September you come up 4% below where you expected to be, however say that you can make cuts in schools and social services in case it remains lower than you hoped?  Oh I have an idea, allow individuals who do not have the proper paperwork to obtain a job in the United States, the ability to apply for state financial aid.  Just subtract another $40 million dollars from the $301.6 million, bringing you to 14% below budget instead of 4%. Sounds like a DREAM Act to me!

Is it right for the DREAM Act to grant immigrants the same rights towards education that American citizens have?  Sure if they are residents of the United States of America, I am all about it.  Being perfectly honest, the DREAM Act means well but this is the thing America, Student protests arose across 15 SUNY/CUNY campuses regarding increases in tuition.  While 17 cities protest greed and big business running our government, the Texas Aggie Conservatives petition against around Texas A&M’s University Leadership Initiative to keep the DREAM Act out of UT.


Governor Perry is against immigration but all about funding the education of undocumented students

The Venture Online reported the students’ feelings towards Governor Perry and his stance on allowing this legislation to go through.  Gov. Perry took a strong stand against immigration, claiming he would be tough, but I guess not. “It is outrageous that Texas A&M, because of Governor Perry, is awarding those who violated the law with in-state tuition and financial aid. The Texas government, especially in these troubling economic times, should not be subsidizing the higher education of adults who cannot legally work in the United States,” said Steven Schroeder, Chairman of the TAC to Venture Online.

Governor Perry contradicted himself by allowing the legislation around the DREAM Act to go through.  KXAN.com reported Perry’s remarks in January regarding immigration, showing how truly on the fence he seems to be.

“In January, Perry took on one of the largest immigration issues, making it clear he wanted to ban so-called sanctuary cities. They are places where police are not required to check the immigration status of people they detain, making it easier for illegal immigrants to live there. ‘If the shoe is fitting you, then you might not want to be wearing it’, Perry said.”

But its ok to cross over the border without shoes, I mean that way your not guilty in Governor Perry’s eyes.  Where is the DREAM Act headed?  Dallas Morning News reported on the troubling findings that once again, manage to escape the mainstream news.

“During the fall semester, 12,138 students – about 1 percent of all Texas college students – benefited from the state law granting in-state tuition, according to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Most of the immigrants among those students are illegal, and some others are not legal permanent residents or U.S. citizens.

Texas awarded about $33.6 million in state and institutional financial aid to those students between fall 2004 and summer 2008.

In 2001, Texas became the first state in the country to pass an in-state tuition law. The law created a national movement. Many private universities also now award aid to illegal immigrant students.”

People need to re-evaluate what this DREAM Act means and we should not be adding costs in one area and taking them away from the very group who fights for this country.  The DREAM Act should not even be an issue as native-born citizens have trouble finding financial aid.  Why are we creating something like the DREAM Act that allows undocumented citizens to receive financial aid but not be eligible to work.  Are they required to remain in the United States work and achieve citizenship with the DREAM Act?  I am all about undocumented students receiving an education but pay for it yourself.  You want to come here and learn, than pay just as we all have.  Our country wants to remove the GI Bill that allows military service members the chance to attend college yet grant undocumented citizens the ability to receive financial aid through the DREAM Act?  By supporting legislation like the DREAM Act what does that do to America financially?

Video: FOX NEWS California passes DREAM Act


19 Responses to DREAM Act Grants Undocumented Students Financial Aid

  1. susanmarie says:

    right on holl-i am the aforementioned mom.you are dead on right.the problem is,those of us who dare to speak as to the unfairness of this act ,are labeled”racist””narrowminded”whatever.so untrue-i only want any financial aid to available to legal citizens.how can we finance people who do not pay taxes?its a money pit.i am the mother of 2 college students.(with 3 more to go!)i work hard,as does my husband,to do what we can to help my daughters with the astronomical cost of an education.we pay taxes,and my girls’ grant/aid is based upon these honest(legal)numbers.ive got a great idea-lets use the”honor system”.oops silly me,i forgot,we dont all have to play by the rules.

    • Tania says:

      Well yes you are very silly. It was very silly of you to have 5 children without being able to afford to send them to college without asking for grant.

      • Holly Robin says:


        Once again I urge you to read what you comment towards more carefully. Susan said she has a hard time affording sending her children to school. If you were in this country 20 years ago because thats when she had her kids, you would know that the price of tuition was nothing like it is now. Look at the big picture Tania. We just got out of a recession in June of 2009, now we are heading into a 2nd recession, the last thing we need are extra bills to finance people who will not benefit this country in any sort of way. An undocumented citizen gets an American education, paid for in full by financial aid (saves them on average 20-30 thousand dollars over four years at a state college) and heads home to their country. What does that do for America? Sorry our pockets are tapped and I would rather see the money be spent on the guys who risk their lives to give undocumented citizens the freedom to even be discussing this. Its ridiculous and does not make sense on these grounds. If you want to talk education, thats a different story. Everyone is entitled to an education, however why should we give financial aid to people who do not pay towards it for others?

        Holly Robin

        • Tania says:

          Well listen to this. I have met about 10 American citizens that have gone to my country to get an education just because it’s free. Once again is her problem if she wasn’t smart enough to get a good career that will always give her enough money to afford sending her children to college. A smart Person would not be affected by any recession someone that knows how to manage their money is not affected by a recession.

          • Holly Robin says:

            What country is that? Because most countries require a hefty fee to get a work visa or a visa for education. But hey that’s great. Like I said its only because of the devastated economy that I think we have to really worry about what is going on here before adding any extra expenditures that can be avoided.

            Holly Robin

          • Tania says:

            I’m from Uruguay. I was going to go back there and study there but I was brought here when I was 12 so it’s very difficult to just leave and not be able to come back for 10 years or more as a punishment for staying after the visa expired. Anyway that’s off topic. I do think is pointless and its a waste of money tto give financial aid to people that can’t use the education they are getting. for example mexicans that cross the border can’t be legalized and they can’t use the education.

  2. Maria says:

    For those who think that only citizens pay taxes and so therefore citizens are paying for illegal’s education you are wrong. Illegal immigrates do pay taxes even if they use a fake SSN, taxes are deducted from every single check they receive so in reality they’re paying for their own education. They pay taxes but can’t receive social security benefits, unemployment and tax refunds so in reality compared to citizens they are contributing more than what they get back and for those who think that illegal’s bring their illegal children to the US to get fed by welfare you are wrong because illegal children or adults don’t qualify for food stamps and cash aid so in reality the people who are sucking all the money out of this country are the citizens who pretend that they are not able to find jobs and are sitting on their ass all day waiting to for their welfare money.

    • Holly Robin says:

      Thanks for reading Maria but here’s the thing, I chose the title of undocumented citizens and made it extremely clear it’s not about race. You are using the term illegal immigrants, not me. I am meaning for those who are undocumented, aka there is no way for the government to regulate them. Also I made a point to say If you live in this country and you are not eligible to work than why should you receive state financial aid. Don’t make this about race or illegal immigrants. If you wish to re read my article than please do. Undocumented citizens mean any and all individuals that slip under the government radar. Like Susan says if you touch on this subject right away your a racist, a bigot or out of line. Well I believe true journalists have no boundaries and speak the truth. My personal opinion is that if you are undocumented, ineligible to work in this country and not interested in taking the proper steps to correct the two I just said than I am sorry I would rather see the 40 million California will spend each year go towards my brother and other members of the military to have proper pay, equipment and what thy rightfully deserve for riskin their lives for their country. I specifically made sure not to make this a race issue because of how defensive people get. If you don’t pay taxes you don’t get financial aid… End of story. Read the article in the Washington Post. The IRS messed up and issued the credits back to people who used fake numbers… How can you tell if they are really working or just forging documents? This is the problem Maria with this country, welfare too, if you aren’t willing to live by the same laws and conduct than why are you here. Sorry but it’s the truth. Women having babies and sitting on welfare are just as bad if not worse than those individuals who come here undocumented and send money back all over the world. Respect this country, people die for the freedom for us to live here.

      Holly Robin

      • Tania says:

        Mike I don’t get this. I don’t understand what happened? The dream act was suppose to give people that came to the US before the age of 16 and have a Us high school diploma a resident card and social security as long as they graduate from a two or four year college and they were not eligible for financial aid. So I’m confused. I would be perfectly fine with that I don’t mind working my butt off to pay for school.

      • Tania says:

        Btw you got it all wrong. Illegal immigrants are the ones that cross the border or like you said people that slip under the governments radar. Undocumented citizens are the people that were actually let into the country legally but their visa expired so they become undocumented citizens.

    • C says:

      Thanks for your time and comment Maria! We appreciate your time and feedback to this matter! The article is based on undocumented individuals that are now living in this country and want an education. I have no problem with anyone striving for an education, but they need to be U.S. citizens. Plain and clear! Our education system (although tainted) was set up for citizens of the U.S. to further their own knowledge which would lead to their success and this country’s success. Those that think they are entitled to an American education without being a citizen of this country are looking beyond the issues here. Let’s say undocumented citizens are able to get an education here. First off, they will not be able to get a job here based on their immigration status once they get that diploma. Second, the only other option is to move back to their native country and use that “American Education” to further their success. So, since the United States is not in the position to educate non-citizens, can we afford to educate citizens of other countrys?? What about that person’s native country? Are they not equiped or held responsible to educate their own citizens??

      • Tania says:

        Wow That’s a lil ignorant. As an undocumented student I pay cash for my education so if i decide to go back to my native country once I get my diploma what do you guys care? You just kept all of my money. And I do no work with a fake SSN nor using someone else’s SSN.

  3. Chase Stevens says:

    Great, so we’ll be giving away degrees to people that won’t even be able to use them in this country! JUST WRONG!!

    • Tania says:

      Why is it wrong? You are taking my money. It’s perfect for you guys. I pay taxes and I pay cash for my school. And I get nothing in return so what I do next is my problem. If. Get out of the country and use the degree in some other country is my problem you have my thousands of dollars for a stupid piece of paper.

      • Holly Robin says:

        Hey Tania,

        The issue is not undocumented citizens receiving an American education. I am all about that. However if you are not eligible to work here than why are you able to receive state financial aid? As a resident of New York I would not be able to go to California and receive financial aid if I attended a state school. I used the term undocumented citizen because too many individuals get offended by the terms illegal aliens, illegals, or illegal immigrants. It is legal to live, it is legal to breath, my issue is the individuals who come here, have their education paid for because they are a minority and cost taxpayers more money. Why should we pay for undocumented citizens to receive an education? Education costs are expensive enough. I don’t have it all wrong Tania, in fact I was sure to use the proper terms in hopes it would not offend anyone, however I guess there is always an issue no matter what. If you want to go back to your native country fine, come get an American education, but sorry right now America needs to worry about themselves. California is now going to have to raise taxes or cut public school programs in order to balance out the $40 million cost of the DREAM Act, is that fair? I understand your point however your not understanding my article. This is the problem, no one speaks up because people pull the racist card or make it all about the people who cross the border. Honestly yes the majority in research statistics at the Pew Hispanic Center and an article by Roy Grant say that the majority of undocumented citizens are coming across the border, however for my article it doesn’t matter what race they are, it just matters that they are here, slipping under the radar, not legally working but the government has no problem opening financial aid to them? FASFA chooses minorities over caucasians. If they want to make it even and get rid of the whole idea of affirmative action fine, I have no problem. Tania there are many more factors than you are realizing and perhaps you should re read the article and visit the links I provided within the page to help you understand the rules better. The Venture Online really laid them out. Thanks for reading!

        Holly Robin

  4. Tania says:

    Well I agree with you on the money being given to the people tha come in illegally. It should be put on something better. I am in New Jersey and the state let the undocumented students pay in county tuition fees but we do not get any financial aid or anything like that. Which is good compared to before we had to pay out of county fees.

  5. sofia says:

    I hate to read comments when people go to church and then think negative.God commanment said thou shall love your neighbor,then why built fences and hate your enemies.Pray for your enemies and love your neighbor.Give the illegal immigrant a chance to pay their taxes and have a normal life like everyone else.If the commit a crime,there is a place for it.I think the devil satan has got everyone under his feet,Our world and this beautiful universe is taken by one person and that is the DEVIL,he is here from the beginning and until the end.I am so sorry for all those who has step into his shoes.

    • Holly Robin says:

      Once again Sofia I did not write about illegal immigrants. I said undocumented citizens. Please read my article over. I am careful not to insult therefore you should really make sure you know what you are reading before you go ahead and assume I am writing about illegal immigrants. If you are an undocumented citizen that receives financial aid it means you are here on the government’s dime aka my taxes. That was my issue. If you don’t pay taxes and are ineligible to work in the United States than you should not be able to receive financial aid. Sure come to college here I am all about equal opportunity however if there is equal opportunity than there should be equal treatment… You cross the border, fly in on a plane, come over on a boat, whatever you do, apply to become a citizen like my great grandfather did and other family members before him. Thanks Sofia for reading however I did not make my issue about illegal immigrants.

      Holly Robin

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