Feeling Stressed Out? Hit the Drive Thru!

With all the buzz going on about healthy living, healthy lifestyles and eating right, those professionals out there seemed to have missed stress.  That’s right, good old fashion, headache, pounding heart and upsetting stress. We all feel it in our daily lives, so what do we do about it? One way researchers are finding to combat stress is to eat some comfort food.

That’s right, you’re getting permission to (once-in-a-while) indulge your senses.  The study, which was published in the Journal of Neuroscience “Suggested that elevated levels of salt in the body lowers stress hormones and raise levels of oxytocin, a hormone involved in love and other social connections.”

The study found that when lab rats were under stress, like being tied down, those with higher levels of sodium in their bodies showed less activity in their brain’s stress areas.   They also showed elevated levels of oxytocin which is a compound known for its “love hormone.”

So the next time you’re feeling stressed out, hit the drive-thru, diner or have the chef in your life whip up a plate of loving.

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