Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO to Join Presidential Race

The next president might just make people offers they can’t refuse.

Herman Cain, a popular radio talk show host in Georgia, has formed an exploratory committee to run for President.

The conservative republican has never been elected to public office, but he did briefly run for President in 2000. Cain opposes abortion, supports a strong national defense and backs replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax – all views he has espoused for years on his radio show.

The announcement came on his website, where Cain wrote:

“The American Dream is under attack. In fact, a recent survey found 67% of the American People believe America is headed in the wrong direction. Sadly, this comes as no surprise to those of us who have watched an out-of-control federal government that spends recklessly, taxes too much and oversteps its Constitutional limits far too often.”

Cain, an African-American Republican, holds a master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University and was a corporate vice president for Burger King,  he worked at Coca-Cola, Pillsbury and then took charge of the failing Godfather’s Pizza franchise, which he rescued by shuttering hundreds of restaurants.

In 2006, Cain was treated with chemotherapy for liver and colon cancer. He has been cancer-free since 2007 and credits the nation’s health care system with keeping him alive. He said it’s one reason he’s so passionately opposed to the federal health care law championed by President Barack Obama. Perhaps not working in the restaurant business anymore had something to do with it as well?

Other presidential hopefuls include Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who many criticize for flip-flopping on issues; Ron Paul, a Texas representative in Congress who has been reported as saying he wouldn’t have killed Bin Laden if he had been President; Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House who has been married three times and divorced twice; Tm Pawlenty, the former Majority Leader of Minnesota’s House of Reps who is not that well known; and then there is, of course, Obama who has had his share of popularity issues until Bin Laden was killed which seemed to boost his scores a bit.

If there is one thing that can be said about some of the potential candidates, we have no shortage of unusual names. Gone are the days of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, now we have names like Mitt and Newt. If Ron Paul wins, I’m calling him Captain Ron. (Kurt Russell fans? Anyone?)

If a fiscal conservative like Herman Cain gets far in the race, the public can not only look forward to some tax breaks, but maybe some pizza coupons in the mail?

All joking aside, the real serious issue here is whether or not Sarah Palin will be in the race. This is what Americans really want to know. While I may indeed be going overboard with the sarcasm, the fact is that she has been in the media spotlight about her potential run for years now, and as of now, she claims she still has a desire but there has not been any official declaration yet. Americans apparently care about what she thinks on the issues—like when asked what she thought about Schwarzenegger’s affair, she noted that it was “a pretty disgusting thing that he did.”


We’ll see how things shape up as the 2012 presidential race progresses into the next media-friendly circus.

One Response to Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO to Join Presidential Race

  1. John says:

    When did the joke end? You really think people care about “what Sarah Palin thinks”. She is another reality show victim. Herman Cain opposes ObamaCare because he would have died if it was in place at the time he was diagnosed. Yea, Mitt Romney does flip-flop all over the place which is why he has no chance whatsoever. If he was a “Kennedy” he might have a chance. Ron Paul saying he wouldn’t have killed bin Laden was a good thing considering the alternative… killing him and reporting a DNA “match” to the media then, dumping the body in the sea. If the body had been brought back to the US and pictures had been taken and independent analysis been confirmed the majority of the public would be happy. Given the ability of bin Laden to remain hidden for so long, then all of a sudden, two years before re-election, he is killed without any proof besides “the government says so”. As for Palin being “disgusted” by Schwarzenegger’s affair; the only honest politicians are the who haven’t been caught. Dem or Repub.

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