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Hunting Ghosts vs Paranormal Investigating

Ghosts, Paranormal Investigating and a bit of Ghost Hunting

Interested in ghosts? What about the paranormal? Yeah Halloween can do that to you.  However for some, the involvement with ghosts and the paranormal extends throughout the year, not obeying the boundaries of seasons.  Personally I have always been attracted to ghosts, paranormal activity and in particular the art of ghost hunting.

A few years ago my friend Kerry and I started our own paranormal ghost nights on Tuesdays, featuring Chip Coffey and Psychic Kids, Paranormal State and of course Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.  My personal favorite was Ghost Adventures because of the technology the guys use to identify ghosts and paranormal activity.

Over the years Ghost Adventures has definitely become bigger and some would say as a result Zak Bagans the main guy has played to the hype a bit more.  Regardless this article is going to look at the scientific side of ghosts, paranormal investigation.  A few weeks ago I reached out to a group on Twitter known as Maine Ghost Hunters (MGH).  What did I like about these guys?  They seemed real, they were not all about the hype and they were on the East Coast, in Maine where it’s just a whole other vibe.

Maine Ghost Hunters

"Maine Ghost Hunters" Paranormal Investigators

A few days ago I was able to spend about 30 minutes on the phone with the head of the Maine Ghost Hunters, Tony Lewis. He and his wife Kat founded MGH in 2008 in the name of science not YouTube. One of the first questions I asked Tony after when he began MGH was if there was a difference between paranormal investigation and just hunting ghosts.

Tony explained to me that ghost hunting is when you and a bunch of people go to a place with a still or visual camera, or other equipment and see what you can find.  You’re really not looking for anything in particular when you’re hunting the ghost; instead it’s more about the fun of the hunt and hopefully capturing something to back up why you were there.  With paranormal investigation it’s actually quite different.  You go in with a plan, you want results.  By applying a scientific approach you hope to find answers to the questions you were asked prior to the investigation.

MGH will actually go back as many times as it takes to complete an investigation and they do not charge for their services.  A successful businessman Tony runs his own software/technology business on the side, that’s why when Windy Keith and John Barbieri wanted to become full time investigators, it did not happen over night.

“We want to know why you want to do it.  When people are interested we want to hang out with them, bring them on an investigation and try to get a feel on where their motives are.  This is not something we do for the fame; we do it because we want to help bring evidence and information into the paranormal field.  If you want to become a full time investigator than we need to know are you doing it for the thrill of the hunt or are they genuinely interested in increasing public information on ghosts and the paranormal?  It’s not a job, we do it because we want too.”

Windy Keith was promoted to a full time investigator during 2010 and within the last few months John Barbieri also joined MGH.

Listen not everyone believes in the paranormal, however people like Tony Lewis, who do believe, always have a story why, or in the case of his wife Kat, a lifetime that paved the path towards Maine Ghost Hunters.

With a life riddled in ghosts and experiences she could not explain, Kat naturally grew into one of the head investigators of Maine Ghost Hunters.  Although Tony has also comes from a similar past, one particular event stands out in his mind as though it were yesterday.

Working as a janitorial staff member when he was younger in a school, Tony exited the office leaving it open behind him; or so he thought.  Upon trying to re-enter Tony realized that not only had the doorknob had been locked, but the radio had been turned up and the light was on full blast.  When you are working in the middle of the night in a large school, you know whether or not your alone, Tony was alone.  Although a part of him said it could be a paranormal experience, Tony was not going to bank on ghosts just yet.  Heading upstairs where he could see the office and call the police, Tony was able to confirm that the lights were on, yet no one seemed to be there.  Heading back down Tony discovered that the door had been re-opened, while both the light and radio had been turned off.  Now sure it could be that some punk kids broke into the room through the window, had some fun and than left, except for the fact that all the windows within the office were locked; from the inside.

Over the past 3 years individuals who have thought their home to be haunted by a ghost or ghosts have turned to MGH for help.  With the bulk of their paranormal investigations lying within residences, Tony says the Maine Ghost Hunters will take as long as they must in order to provide the appropriate answer to the homeowner.    How do they do it?

Not so big on still photography, MGH prefers live capturing devices such as audio recorders, digital video cameras and lighting in order to illuminate the area for maximum visibility.  Unlike Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State MGH does not believe in provoking the spirit or enticing ghosts by offering himself or his team’s energy.

MGH also does not like to mix in mediums or psychics when investigating paranormal events and the possibility of ghosts.  Instea they try and get whatever they can through scientific research and if it calls for an outside party to come in, such as a psychic or medium, MGH will clear the house and allow them to do their investigation.  Why?  MGH believes that mixing science with the supernatural can hamper the investigation.  For example if the medium or psychic feels death or sorrow in an area of the house and Tony walks over with his equipment but is unable to prove this scientifically it defeats the entire purpose.  It is better to keep the two separate, and to be honest I kind of agree.  I never thought of ghosts re acting differently to a supernatural investigation and a spiritual investigation however they do.

hunting ghosts graveyard

A friend and I headed to a local graveyard on Halloween night to get some photos for this article. This was one... Photo Credit: B Clinch @


Do you believe in ghosts?  Are you curious to start your own paranormal investigation?  Well you can! Tony also filled me in on the specifics of the equipment the MGH use to find ghosts and paranormal evidence as well as some pointers.

EMF for hunting Ghosts

Tony Lewis holds up his EMF detector to measure changes in energy

Currently for visual evidence MGH shoots with the Sony HDR-SR5.  Equipped with night vision, Tony says this model also runs on a hard drive, making it quieter and less likely to interfere with his audio gathering.  For audio MGH uses an Olympus audio recorder, later on in my paranormal investigation I chose SONY for my digital audio recorder.  These should roll throughout the investigation, because these will be what captures an EVP from the ghosts if they decide to communicate.  Your handicam can do this as well, however its better to have both rolling just in case!  Tony also said to make sure if you are going out to bring plenty of batteries and I found this to ring quite true on the investigation I did Halloween night.  Although things can say fully charged, when operating in an area where ghosts may be present, energy drains pretty quickly from electronic devices.  Make sure to bring your cell phone as a precautionary measure and of course a flashlight.  Last of all make sure someone knows where you are going to and what time they could expect you to return!

Some other interesting tidbits I took from the interview with Tony was that smaller groups are better, no more than 3-4 individuals when going out to investigate and collect information on ghosts.   Also make sure you have team members of opposite sex because you never know who a ghost will or will not like, either way it can only help make great evidence!

Check out how many people who have investigated a location before you.  Sometimes the energy from many paranormal investigations can weigh heavy on a location and damper your experience.   Its better to go places that have never been investigated or barely sought after.  Also Halloween may not be the craziest night of the year to investigate, instead it just brings more attention to the paranormal.  Try going on a full moon, when energies are at their peak.

Holly Robin Clark Hunts Ghosts

Getting ready for my first paranormal investigation!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! Check out Tony and the Maine Ghost Hunters page in order to learn more! But stay tuned to the BQB because we ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Instead of trick or treating I decided to hang out with a few local ghosts around my town.  Footage will be up by Wednesday, November 2nd, but the question is did I find evidence on any ghosts?


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4 Responses to Ghosts | Ghost Hunting Different From Paranormal Investigating

  1. cassandra says:

    My husband and I are Paranormal Investigators in Greer SC. We are Fallen Angels Paranormal.Can you tell me the difference between a bright yellow orb and a greenish red orb?

    • Holly Robin says:

      Hey Cassandra! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you, however I actually emailed Tony from MGH and since they are more of a scientific research team, orbs are not really cold hard evidence. I understand because people can look at orbs and claim that they are dust particles. I am sorry but I do not know the difference from a professional standpoint as this article had to do with more of paranormal investigating from a scientific standpoint. If you find out though, please let me know! Thanks for reading!

      Holly Robin

  2. Concerned Investigator says:

    Why is it there not all about the hype yet they have the most you tube, media press releases and hype than any other team in Maine? Check out Maine Paranormal Society, they have been around for 6yrs and you won’t find anything online other than how to contact them.

    • Holly Robin says:

      Hey I think it really is because that is the only way to get information out the public anymore. Everyone turns to online for news sources. I think what the Maine Ghost Hunters are doing is great, they are not about the hype and media because they are strictly using scientific research. If you know the Maine Paranormal team I would love to interview them as well. We are trying to get an entire section on this topic for our site. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if you can get me in contact with them, I will certainly write a piece reflecting their outlook.

      Holly Robin

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