Homeopathic Flu Remedies and Alternatives

Homeopathic Flu Remedies

Look into Homeopathic flu remedies before the flu shot

Homeopathic flu remedies offer an excellent alternative to the flu shot that so many are becoming weary of.  With the holiday season upon us our immune systems become compromised due to lack of sleep and rest.  Who is there ready to capitalize on a weakened immune system?  The flu! Looking for the best way to protect yourself from the flu?  Homeopathic flu remedies are growing in popularity as the negative affects of the flu shot are becoming apparent.  Although there are many products out there, I personally recommend the healing wonders of whey/colostrum to strengthen your immune system.

According to the CDC website, the 2011 flu vaccine known as the Afluria vaccine should not be administered to children aged 6 months through 8 years.  With the growing concern around the safety of cold and flu medications, particularly for children, homeopathic flu remedies are becoming the preferred alternative.

homeopathic flu remedies

Flu Terminator, one of the homeopathic flu remedies back by scientific research

Homeopathic flu remedies have been around for over 65 years and are backed by clinical studies. You can find these remedies in health food stores today. Homeopathic flu remedies reduce the severity and duration of flu and flulike symptoms. These wellness products are safe, effective and gentle on your body.  Unlike herbs, homeopathic flu remedies off no drug interaction, giving young children the green light on taking them.

Typical over the counter flu remedies like Nyquil can offer negative side effects such as drowsiness.  This can interfere in school work, company performance and overall recovery time and wellness for all ages.  Try keeping a homeopathic flu remedy on hand at all times such as the Flu Terminator which you take at the onset of the flu. This product is the only homeopathic formula studied at Miami Children Hospital. (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Vol 13 2007) The research team concluded that the Flu Terminator elicits a human immune response. Just pop one of these tablets sublingual; under your tongue at the onset of flu symptoms and let your body’s natural healing abilities do the rest. Another great product I recommend for flu season is the homeopathic Be Well Lung Drops; my son used this product when he had croup and he was better in within 24 hours.

So why consider using homeopathic flu remedies? Homeopathic medicine believes that the body needs to learn to fight illnesses and develop antibodies on its own. These remedies are made from plants and minerals and are designed to treat the person as a whole by getting to the root of the illness. But, please don’t take our word for it, read what others are saying about these products.

Oscillo.com has 9 tips to stay healthy during this flu season, in fact 7 of them are things you can do on your own time.  During the school day children should remember to wash their hands frequently and adults are advised to do the same at their workplace.  By exercising properly, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, your immune system has a better chance of fending off the flu rather than succumbing to it.  Every year a different strand of the vaccine comes out, in hopes to combat the ever changing flu itself.

Homeopathic flu remedies were around before the flu vaccine, obviously they work well enough. Be advised to search them out online and feel free to find out more at A New Dawn Natural Solutions on homeopathic flu remedies and more!

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