Horoscopes and Their History Within Astrology

Horoscopes.  Falling into the broader category of astrology, I have to say I think there is something behind the  zodiac signs that rotate within our solar system. For me horoscopes may not play a major role in the daily activities of my life, however I would be lying if I said they did not intrigue my curiosity.

The zodiac signs as shown in a 16th-century wo...

The zodiac signs as shown in a 16th-century woodcut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where exactly did these star studded symbols get their start?  Ancient nomadic tribes mapped out the movement of the sun and moon in order to choose the right seasons to plant, now along come the fabulous Greeks (who if you have a Greek best friend like I do, you know they invented everything and are just as I said; fabulous).  Astrology refers to the ancient study of the impact that the movement of planets and celestial bodies had on our lives.  Derived from the Greek word Astrologia or “star study”.  Using the position of the sun, moon and certain constellations at the time of birth, they began to predict individual lives.  Horoscopes derive from their Greek forefather, Horoscopos or hour watcher.  By using horoscopes, astrologers are able to set a chart, forecasting an individual’s life map, or for that matter a business, city or nation based on the alignment of the planets and celestial bodies above.  They watch the hours around which you are born and based on this can determine what personality traits you will live by.

Think it’s a bunch of crap?  Well your entitled to your opinion, however the royals were known to have live in astrologers to guide them along their daily tasks, major choices, and life activities quite often. I mean really where does the idea of Merlin’s character in the tale of King Arthur derive from?  Even though the reading of horoscopes quickly found its place throughout the early centuries, in the 1600’s it ran into a road block aka the Church.  Thankfully it was termed to be a Godlike science and astrology continued along its merry way.

Horoscope charts have four major components to them according to FindYourFate.com. These are the zodiac signs, planets, aspects and houses.  Now the zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio (yeah baby!), Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.  Before I get into anymore I just want to say this is a basic understanding of horoscopes, and please realize that if you wanted to dig deeper into things like the rising signs you most certainly can, however this is just explaining the mystery behind those horoscopes you read in the New York Post everyday.  Anyways, astrologers use whatever zodiac sign you are born under to show the characteristics of events to come.  The aspects between the planets or how the energies of the planets present will affect one another are used to figure out why something is happening.  What are the houses in horoscopes?  Well it allows astrologers to tell you where these events will happen in your life.  Whether it be in love, career, money or personal, the house is where these events will manifest into reality.

English: Zodiac with trigon aspects (English a...

English: Zodiac with trigon aspects (English aspect names). Sun moving counterclockwise and Aries on the right. Plain SVG derived from File:Zodiac_CC.svg (details see there). Visible layers are: zodiac circle zodiac signs sign names (LA) trigon aspects (LA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I know I mentioned rising signs, this is the thing, you start at the basic Sun sign.  This is what your dominating zodiac is.  I was born on October 27th, I am a Scorpio, because the sun was present within the constellation Scorpio when I was born.  Sure I am passionate, extreme in my emotions and will sting the daylights out of you if you piss me off, however my sunny, outgoing disposition comes from my Sagittarius rising sign.  Now the rising sign means exactly that, the zodiac sign that is coming up on the horizon as you are being born.  While sun signs use the course of months to separate them, a rising sign is found by placing the zodiac signs within a 24 hour period.  Here is a great site to find your rising sign at Astrology.com.

Horoscopes and astrology may face heavy fire from critics and skeptics, however there are way too many things that hit straight on when you really break into the nitty, gritty of the art.

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