How to Vote for the Right Politician: My Fantastic Advice


Who has substance? 


This is the question I am always asking myself when I watch the different players in the current politics game. I suggest you do the same. In a world full of sound bytes and snappy quips that do little more than engage superficial comments about one’s appearance or other unbelievably juvenile banter, I thirst for people who actually have something to say.

I want my politician to say something meaningful, robust, and specific. This is mainly why I had such an admiration for Bill Clinton, he was specific in his arguments and it made his points that much more salient and worthwhile.

With Trump, I keep an open mind. Much of what I hear from him is “make America great again” which sounds nice but of course is a bumper sticker, and nothing more.

With Hillary, I keep an open mind. Here is a woman with many years of experience in politics, but some of her activities have been quite questionable, legally speaking.

With Rubio, Kasich, and Cruz I keep an open mind. Unfortunately they do not have the star power or name recognition of the previous two.

With Bernie I keep an open mind. This guy is unique and comes from a different place, politically, which appeals to many (especially that view socialism as a good thing) and after watching a film like The Big Short, Bernie starts looking like a great option! Unfortunately it is hard for any democrat to compete with Hillary, likely the biggest name in Washington right now who is going at it with everything she has got.

I have friends that love Trump, that love Hillary, that love the others and I always find myself caught in the midst of all these viewpoints, many of which are reasonable as to how our future as a nation should be.

So, as you do your research (please do), make sure you always have in the back of your mind: Who has substance? This is the mantra I keep when I attempt to sort through all the noise.  I don’t care about the party so much, I’ll vote for my non-typical party if I have to–it is all about the person not the party, I say, which is a hard concept for most voters.


This is one of those times I would say NOT to “go with your gut” because much of that deals with our emotional responses to the debates, speeches, and sound bytes.  DO some reading from a variety of sources. Don’t just get it from CNN, or from Fox News.  Go to a few different news outlets to try to get the least biased view possible, I know that is so hard these days!

It goes without saying that after doing this research, simply vote. I know many people that just assume not to vote because they feel they are screwed no matter who they vote for…which is sad.   Please please please vote.

Always remember:  Who has substance?  Who is speaking in a specific way about the issues?  Who will deal with the Middle East conflict most appropriately, according to my values and/or beliefs?

More specifically about the Mid-East, for example, read news sources from those particular countries.  Much of American media paints the picture that Israel is a bully, but then I read news from a local publication in Israel and read a different story with a different context.

People report on numbers, but what do the numbers really mean? Do this for all the issues (immigration, education, etc.) and see where it takes you.

These are the important questions to ask when doing your homework.  Who is being specific? Who has substance?

As an actor, I often find myself asking the same question when I get hired to do a play. What is this text really saying about the issues? What is this text really mean for the characters?

My job as an actor is then to be very specific, according to the text, on how I proceed and the audience loves that.

Keep this in mind as we go into the depths of election season… the sound bytes are only going to get worse.


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  1. stevo says:

    Great article! What other news sources would be unbiased?

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