Hundreds Of Thousands Of Egyptians Rallying For Mubarak To Go

Egyptians Rallying For Mubarak To stepdown

On the 11th day of the massive protests that have triggered a revolution and put Egypt on front pages around the world, a crowd measuring in the hundreds of thousands marched peacefully in Cairo of Friday, past patient soldiers, to the Tahrir—the capital’s Liberation Square—to call for an immediate end to the 30-year reign of President Hosni Mubarak.
After Friday prayers in the square, crowds chanted “Leave! Leave! Leave!”
About the same sized crowd gather in the city of Alexandria for a similar peaceful march, and smaller rallies were held in provinces throughout the country—all asking the President to step down.
Earlier this week, the 82-year old Mubarak had pledged to step down in September instead of seeking re-election. He stated that to do so now would do nothing but create more chaos. This came a few days after he gave a televised address in which he fired his entire political cabinet. It is these reasons—plus the threat of increasing violence ignited by supporters of Mubarak—that the turnout for all the rallies wasn’t in the millions, as many of the protests’ leaders had hoped. The general feel is that many people are satisfied with the results the protests have thus far brought about.
An estimated 300 people have been killed during the 11-day period. The United Nations feels the unrest was largely inspired by last month’s protests in Tunisia, which resulted in that country’s president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali to flee—an outcome they feel will cause Egyptians to stick to their cause for as long as it takes until Mubarak leaves office.

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