Hurricane Irene Aftermath in Long Island New York

Hurricane Irene Aftermath

Hurricane Irene Aftermath

Long Island and New York City deal with Hurricane Irene Aftermath on August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene aftermath will certainly be talked about for the years to come, although damage across the tri state area was not as bad as anticipated. Residents throughout the east coast have been preparing themselves for this weekend fearing the worst from Hurricane Irene.  Media coverage was nothing short of extreme as Hurricane Irene was considered one of the largest storms to hit Long Island and New York City since Hurricane Gloria in 1985.

Slightly over a year ago Hurricane Earl threatened to wipe out Long Island, New York.  The sudden break off the coast was a fortunate occurrence for individuals and residents throughout New York and Long Island, however unfortunately increased skepticism towards weather reporters and meteorologists ability to forecast accurately.

hurricane irene aftermath

Reporter Holly Robin of the BQB with camera operator Danielle Altebrando

Throughout the weekend Holly Robin of The BQB was reporting for WeatherNation TV. Taking on the assignment late Friday evening Holly Robin set out to cover Hurricane Irene and how it affected Long Island.  An apartment complex in Sayville was hit hard, as a 200 year old tree added to their Hurricane Irene Aftermath.

Fellow BQB writer Samantha Jo covered the preparation and panic that ran throughout the tristate area in her article Hurricane Irene Hits the East Coast.

On Saturday Nassau County was beginning to brace for Hurricane Irene as the boardwalk that stretches across Lido Beach and Long Beach was covered in news crews, sandbags and construction workers preparing for the expected flooding.  At the Lifeguard Headquarters WeatherNation did a stand-up, who would think that today it would no longer be there. The AP reported that the lifeguard tower was swept away by surging tides as Hurricane Irene unleashed her fury upon Long Beach.

There are now 4 million people without power throughout the east coast and Hurricane Irene is still making her way up.  Flash flooding, 15 confirmed deaths and damage to the entire tristate area.  Hurricane Irene aftermath also included an electrical fire in Ronkonkoma that I was on. News 12 reporter Erin Colton was swept away as she was attempting to cover Hurricane Irene.

The Daily Beast covered local media and the hype on Hurricane Irene.  Personally I believe that it was the Armageddon for news stations who look to capitalize in any sense that they can. Last week aftershocks from a 5.8 earthquake struck Virginia were felt all the way up into Toronto, Canada. Why not capitalize on the whole end of the world theory right?

Hurricane Irene Aftermath

Hurricane Irene Aftermath at the Great South Bay with camera operator Danielle Altebrando

Although the media will now make millions on the Hurricane Irene aftermath, fortunately politicians will be credited for doing the right thing. as they were overly cautious but definitely prepared for what was too come.  Residents were able to board up their homes, prepare for flooding and even though for some it was pointless, for some it saved them money and in some cases even their lives.  Stay tuned for Samantha Jo’s article on the complete coverage of Hurricane Irene Aftermath.


Hurricane Irene Aftermath Tree falls in Sayville, Long Island

Hurricane Irene Aftermath video interviews and footage

Camera: Danielle Altebrando Reporter: Holly Robin

VIDEO: Hurricane Irene lashes US coast


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