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In the Army safety comes before the debt ceiling

Pay in the army

Payscale in the Army

In the army the basic salary for a private with less than 2 years experience is around $17,611 according to When compared with the cast of the Jersey Shore, Snooki makes $10,000 for an hour appearance at a bar.  I understand that in the army and the United States military branches in general, there are added benefits as you move up in rank, however would you risk your life for anything less than $40,000 a year?


With America in economic turmoil and on the brink of a recession, in the army the troops safety is of utmost importance. In the Monday print edition of USA Today, Tom Vanden Brook took a look at what exactly the United States military and Pentagon have been addressing the rapidly changing insurgency.  Loren Thompson a military analyst used this when referring to the war in Afghanistan that the United States military has been fighting for almost ten years now.


“This is a case study in how to deal with a rapidly changing insurgency.  You can’t go through a normal process.  You must quickly turn around relatively low-cost solutions if you want to win the war.” Thompson told USA Today.



In the Army the Stryker is going to revolutionize the fight against IED's

Strykers seem to be just what they need in the Army brigades as they take on insurgents in Afghanistan. A combat vehicle designed to provide better protection against improvised explosive devices aka IED’s. Known as the Interim Armored Vehicle (IAV), the Stryker was designed to operate at the center of the Army’s Interim Brigade Combat Teams.  In the army, brigade is just another way to classify the amount of soldiers within a trained unit. Within an army combat brigade there can be anywhere between 3,000-3,500 troops.


Four men went into depth on the specialized combat brigade in the army known for their ground vehicle and tactics. Alan Vick, David Orletsky, Bruce Pirnie and Seth Jones collaborated on The Stryker Brigade Combat Team: Rethinking Strategic Responsiveness and Assessing Deployment Options.  In their work they stated


“The Interim Brigade Combat Team was renamed the Stryker Brigade Combat Team in August 2002. The brigade is built around the Stryker, a new infantry carrier vehicle named in honor of two Medal of Honor recipients: Private First Class Stuart S. Stryker and Specialist Robert F. Stryker, who served in World War II and Vietnam, respectively.”


Global Security covered the Stryker from head to toe and what exactly its role is in the army, also adding to the history of the army vehicle.  The two men fought in different wars, were unrelated, yet were acknowledged for their actions in battle and ironically shared the same last name.


According to SBCT.comSpecialist Robert Stryker, who served with the 1st Infantry Division, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for saving the life of his fellow soldiers near Loc Ninh, Vietnam. Private First Class Stuart Stryker, who served with the 513th Parachute Infantry, posthumously received the Medal of Honor for leading an attack near Wesel, Germany that captured more than 200 enemy soldiers and freed three American pilots.”

Over the years the United States has supplied their military service members with equipment that goes above and beyond, however in the army, the Stryker Brigade Combat Team had a precise mission and the Stryker IAV was made to play a major role in completing it.


“The Army’s responsibility to satisfy 21st century requirements for an effective full spectrum force demands improved capabilities. Rapid deployment of highly integrated, combined-arms forces is required. They must possess overmatching capabilities, exploiting the power of information and human potential, all while combining the advantages of both light and mechanized forces. They must operate across the full range of military and other-than-military operations. To meet all these requirements, the IAV becomes the first new armored vehicle that the Army has acquired in 18 years.” About the Stryker Brigade Combat Team


Equipped with 8 wheels, the armored vehicles are expected to be dispersed in the army to brigades of about 3,500 infantry troops through 2013.  The Strykers are the only defense against the recent up rise in the IED use by the insurgents in the Middle East.


Designed with a V-Shaped hull the Strykers began arriving this past spring after production was rushed to get the vehicles into Afghanistan after the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade lost 37 soldiers, as well as having 239 wounded within 2 years.



MRAP vehicle used in the Army and throughout military for transport

Not even 2 years after a roadside bomb claimed the lives of 7 soldiers in October 2009, the Stryker proved itself by saving all of the soldiers it was carrying, on July 8th of 2011.  The vehicle falls in between a tank and a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle when comparing its physical size.  However Strykers are designed for specific use and in the Army no expense shall be spared to ensure the safety of our troops.


At $2.3 million dollars a piece the Army has called for 150 new Strykers to be in service by the end of the summer, followed by a future order for 450 of them.



Whether it be the Marines fighting the war in Afghanistan, the Navy developing specialty forces to fight against terrorism, or the Army battling for peace in the Middle East, the United States military is the best and it comes with a price.   In the Army and its special Stryker Combat Brigade the most important thing is the safety of the troops not the cost of it.

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