Jill Kelley Speaks Out Again, Jill Kelley Breaks Silence AGAIN

Jill Kelley Speaks OUt

Jill Kelley speaks out finally regarding her involvement in the General Petraeus Scandal that conveniently came out just before Petraeus, aka the head of the CIA during the Benghazi attacks, was supposed to testify in court.  But really guys, it is more like Jill Kelley breaks silence again.  Back on that Sunday November 11th, 2012 Jill Kelley’s name was revealed to the media, the nation and also what she decided to do at Christmas time.

Well Mrs. Jill Kelley, I did not see Paula Broadwell coming out in the media.  Could it be that Jill Kelley is breaking her silence regarding the fact that this entire business of emails was a hoax?

Ok so I may be going against my previous stance in the other two articles I did regarding Petraeus and this entire fiasco aka scandal.  However I have to say I have been researching it and awaiting the day that those involved in this pitiful attempt to mastermind and manipulate the media resurfaced.

That’s right folks, I honestly believe the only affair that was had was between Jill Kelley and David Petraeus.  Really it’s not even a conspiracy.  If you do the research and minus out a social life for few weeks you will connect the dots possibly in the same way I did.  Quickly let me recap.  David Petraeus, served under President Bush‘s reign, heading the troop surge in Afghanistan.  Sure some say he was highly admired by both political parties, however what about those who served in the military under him or with him?  Taking up camera’s in the helicopters with him made General David H. Petraeus a legend right? Well did he do it to inform the American people of what we were losing over there?  I highly doubt it looking at the background this guy has in personality.

English: U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the...

English: U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the commander of Multi-National Force – Iraq, walks with Sen. Barack Obama after Obama’s arrival to Baghdad International Airport in Baghdad, Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No secret Petraeus was not a fan of President Barack Obama.  However he still took on the role of head of the CIA.  Now did he do it to set Obama up?  Who knows, that is getting into conspiracy theory alley.  However I do know that this man was extremely intelligent as was Paula Broadwell.  I also know that Jill Kelley was know for hosting lavish parties for many military big wigs.  Hmmmmm…

Ok Jill Kelley, the Daily Beast reported back in November of 2012 that “While some have described Kelley as an aggressive social climber, Fodiman says she’s just like anyone else who “likes to rub shoulders with people they admire.”

So now Jill Kelley speaks out again, because let us remember Jill Kelley Speaks Out graced headlines back in November 2012.  Observe:

Telegraph Jill Kelley Speaks Out 

Christian Post Jill Kelley Speaks Out


US News Jill Kelley Speaks Out Oh More?


Listen you do not get branded a whistleblower unless you speak out on something pretty major when it comes to the media.  Jill Kelley is just another “Kardashian” in the making.  I am sure Kris Jenner has already contacted her making sure that when Jill Kelley speaks out she does so under Jenner’s management.

But one thing I am looking forward too is the release of these emails.  Because I mean if Jill Kelley speaks out so many times regarding these threats, obviously she is not afraid.  Oh and did I mention that Paula Broadwell is not being persecuted?

Sure say what you want.  I am saying Jill Kelley speaks out is not a headline that should be happening.  It should be Jill Kelley breaks silence again or Jill Kelley speaks out explaining why she lied.  Because most likely she did.  Petraeus got off silently.  Obama is getting blamed as is Hillary Clinton.  Take a rest people.  President Obama put the best man he could in charge of the job.  This is the reason being the head of the CIA is such a huge deal, you are the one person who is capable of running the entire thing and reporting back to the president.  Zero Dark Thirty proves that the President has very little contact.  Someone reports, he sees the reports and goes from there.

Jill Kelley Whistleblows

Jill Kelley needs to kiss up to big wigs like David Petraeus

Jill Kelley needed this however.  She lost her card to be oversees, she is quite possibly broke and she needs guys like General Petraeus to keep funding her and her husband’s home.  Whoops. I guess it’s not about whether Jill Kelley speaks out or not, but will she be honest?  I mean hey if we can pressure Obama for his birth certificate can’t we pressure the party throwing, brown nosing woman who ruined so many lives?  Come on Jill Kelley everybody is doing it! Someone get me Donald Trump!


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