Life As We Live It Yet What is Really Standing in Our Way?

Work is demanding. There is not enough time. I’m tired… run down… stressed out… I’ll do it tomorrow!  There always seems to be an excuse for why people don’t do the things they want to do. Life does have a unique way of messing with our plans. But, does that justify putting things off to the point where they simply become dreams or past regrets?

If you are someone who sits day by day never pursuing your true desires, I urge you to take a look at the book The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. Pressfield explores people’s obstacles to success.  He claims “Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us; between the two stands resistance.” Are the excuses as plain as they seem or are we just standing in our own way?

Often, what we think is the problem rarely is. Time and again the problem is much more insidious, much deeper… latent within the part of our minds that we fear. As an artist myself I have come to know this struggle well. I have often questioned my motivations or lack thereof and the most logical cause of this inner turmoil I feel is fear. Whether it is a fear of rejection or a fear of exposing who you truly are… whatever form your fear may take, it stifles progress, it breeds failure. However, you can only fail, when you cease to try.

Personally, and for most others I am sure the answers are still unclear, the reasoning is still unsure; but keep moving forward, keep pushing on- just as there is no bottom to down there are no limits to ability.

Creators and innovators I implore you to consider the above statements. The next time you find yourself putting off your endeavors or making excuses, stop and take an honest look at yourself. You might be surprised by what you see… I was; I still am.




Free Yourself…

By: Samantha-Jo

Then, he sat. In thought he pondered.

So young only a child…

But for the broken, the pain of the past has long been harbored.

It started there in those times he sat

Wishing for an end, waiting for anything that…

…an answered prayer that could pry his mind from its restraints

… a fulfilled wish to dull his ears to the world’s complaints

But young child I tell you this for the truth is so…

Don’t stop now, continue on, don’t let go.

Keep your head high

For when your time does come you shall fly.

Don’t stop, continue on-

Only let go what you want to be gone.

Listen child heed this advice…

Don’t let the pain of your past become your vice.

These are the measures it will take…

…for all the walls you’ve built up to finally break.

And for you to fly, fly and be free…

…free to be the one you are meant to be.

So please don’t give up never stop, never.

For what lies before you is the beginning of your forever.


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