Mariano Rivera New York Yankees Closer Out Until 2013

Mariano Rivera has proven a lot of things over his career, therefore how could anyone doubt his words on Friday when he said, “I’m coming back. Write it down in big letters … I’m not going out like this.”

On Thursday, before facing the Kansas City Royals, Rivera joined the rest of his teammates in the routine “shagging” of fly balls.


“They’re not a bunch of China dolls, and you can’t lock them up. They’re baseball players, they’re having a good time. Part of it is conditioning. Part of it is routine.” (

Mariano_RiveraBut that’s the thing, it wasn’t routine to see Mariano Rivera to hobbling around on crutches outside of the Yankee locker room. When you see the number 42 in those pinstripes, you cannot help but feel a great connection ton one of the greatest pitchers the game of baseball has ever seen.  I’d love to go on and quote some more stuff about Mariano Rivera but the 42 year old will be back, and I will save that mushy stuff for when I acknowledge him on his retirement from the game.


Yankee general manager, Brian Cashman, described the scene that occurred on the field Thursday.


“Rivera’s right knee blew up, he crashed into the wall and collapsed in a heap. He grabbed his knee as his face tightened into an unruly knot, betraying the pain and fear. ‘It’s something you’re not used to seeing with Mo,’ Cashman said. ‘You never see him down or hurt. You never see anything but his smile, and suddenly we all saw an expression on his face we’ve never seen before: pain and worry.’” (


Doctors ruled that Mariano Rivera tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while also damaging the meniscus in his right knee.  Enter my eyes onto the live feed at my job of the ABC News update, Mariano Rivera on crutches.


“Miracles happen,” Rivera said with a smile. “I’m a positive man. The only thing is that I feel sorry I let down my teammates. Besides that I’m OK.” (FOX News)

Mariano at first I said no way your gonna be back for the playoffs, but if your saying see you in 2013, I will gladly return to the opening day festivities to watch you on that mound.  Get better soon Rivera, the Yankee ball club is not the same with out you.

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