Mega Millions Lotto Jackpot Over Half a Billion

Mega Millions Lottery

Why would anyone play the lottery? The odds are horrible, some reports even say, “statistically impossible.” The main reason we might play it: $500 million. The next jackpot for the Mega Millions is a record number and the number is big enough to make the local news, where they interview people IN LINE to get their ticket.

So how do you make money from the lottery? The answer is, unless you beat the odds of 1 in a bazillion, you won’t make money. According to Dailyfinance, “of the 43 states that do run lotteries, the average payout is just under 60% of the revenue dollars collected.”

This of course means that if you spend $10 per week on lotto tickets, pretty soon you won’t even have one buck to buy a ticket, assuming you keep investing your winnings.

According to Bloomberg‘s study, state-run lotteries “have the worst odds of any form of legal gambling” in America.

The frustrating thing is that someone will win it and then two years later they will be broke. It turns out that 500 million isn’t that much when you buy a few mansions, get some plastic surgery, purchase a jet, a basketball team, and a couple Siberian tigers. Of course, you may be thinking, “I’d never buy any of those things, I can’t blow through that kind of money!” Well, you would be surprised. I just heard on the radio how Dennis Rodman, who at one point made $15 million per year, is now broke and barely making $50k. I’m not sure how he is making 50k per year, but clearly that is nothing when you were used to $15 million. How do you go through that kind of money? The point is that it can be done!

If I buy a lotto ticket, I am honestly amazed if I even win two bucks, which never happens to me. My expectations are low, and for me, one buck is buying me the possibility of making big money, even if it’s a bad way to do it. Every so often I’ll do it, just for the heck of it.

The only reason why people buy lotto tickets is because it is super easy to do so. If you have a dollar and are at a convenience store, gas station, supermarket, or practically any place that sells stuff, then you have access to quick gambling. You don’t have to drive into the hills, like you might to get to the nearest casino, and you don’t have to think, like you might if you were playing poker or other games that might require some skill.

The only reason people do not take the smarter route to get rich, like invent something, is because you actually have to put some work into it, be creative,  and do research. If you are willing to do any of those things, then getting millions of dollars will be at way better odds than winning, say, the California Super Lotto jackpot, which is 1 in 18 million.

There are many way to get rich, it would make sense if we work on the ones that aren’t “statistically impossible.”

I take my own advice too, buying a lotto ticket is a guilty pleasure for me, and I do it once in a blue moon.

Instead of saying, “if you don’t play you don’t win” how about “if you do play, you likely waste part of your income” or “if I invent the next super cool gadget, I’ll be able to afford my own Siberian tiger!”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be just plain rich, I want to be tiger rich. You have to have goals when it comes to winning the Mega Millions lottery!

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