“Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to you”!

It’s that blessed time of year again when we raise our spirits and welcome the birth of Christ.  A time when everyone should be a little nicer and remember why we celebrate Christmas. I noticed the Christmas music had started earlier this year and the Christmas movies as well.  Heck, they started decorating the retail shops just after Halloween.  I guess with all of the excitement of the holiday season upon us, people decided to start a little early.

As I have been out and about, it’s my nature to say “Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas”.  This way I include everyone with the “Happy Holidays” but more importantly I give due respect for Jesus’s birth.  After all, that’s why we celebrate Christmas!  I noticed that people almost all of the time, say “same to you” back to me.  Very few people say “Merry Christmas” back!  I also noticed that I seem to be the one to initiate the holiday sayings.  I also noticed that when I am doing business, not one employee has said “Merry Christmas” to me!  It’s like they’ve been instructed to be politically correct or something.

Are people afraid to say Merry Christmas?  Is it the thought of offending anyone?  Have people forgotten the reason for the season? Society is soo quick to play the music, watch the shows, go to the parties and buy the gifts, but the mere thought of saying “Merry Christmas” seems to be forgotten or not politically correct.  I say to hell with the people that are afraid, I say to hell with the people that use the season to get off of work and receive presents and I say to hell with the people that have put this idea into other’s heads!

Remember the reason for the season.  Say” Merry Christmas” and be proud that we live in a country that allows freedom of expression.  I say “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”.  Oh, “Merry Christmas”.

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