Military Families Pets Can Come Home on United Airlines

United Airlines No Longer Hiking Fares for Military Families to Fly Home Pets

Military families are nomadic; it can be rough on the marriage, children and even pets.  But thanks to PetSafe, military families are not going to have to worry if they can afford to fly their pets back home. As United Airlines merges with Continental, they are adopting a policy that will allow pets that cannot fit in the cabin to be sent as cargo for no extra cost to their owners.

When moving around from base to base, the military families have a tough time locking down a second income.  Operating off of just the one can be tough.  When the military wants you to pick up and leave, you have to pick up and leave.  Imagine having to pay $250 for every pet that needs to be shipped when you move? Not to mention the other fees required in moving?  Often times it is just too much for the family and they are forced to leave behind their animals.



United Airlines will work with the military pets

USA Today featured the story in their Travel section today and I have to say United Airlines is setting a fine example of how big business can support our military families. On February 16, 2012 the blog released news that United Airlines planned to put a new policy into affect that was going to cost military families anywhere from $1,440-$3,869 to ship their pets from the Asian Pacific region back to the United States.  The policy was supposed to be effective as of March 3, 2012.   On average military families pay $283 per pet currently, the policy would cause an increase of 1,300% !

Thousands of military families erupted when they learned of the new PetSafe program that United was adopting once they merged with Continental. Once again Facebook and the Internet to the rescue! quickly gave them somewhere to voice their concerns and United Airlines listened.  United is still switching to PetSafe however the owners will not have to pay all of the extra fees.

Pet’s are an important part of any family, in the case of my dog Champ my mother has given my father and herself the titles, Grandpa and Grandma.  I could never imagine having to leave him behind permanently.  A special thanks to the military families out there for all you do!

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  1. Tina says:

    Too bad the fees they are talking about only amount to a hundred or so dollars. We’re still looking at paying $1540 to fly our dog to our new duty station through United Pet Safe Program.

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