Mitt Romney | The Wealthy vs. Everyone Else

Mitt Romney is not relatable to the average Joe unless the average Joe can say he knows people who own NASCAR teams or can wager 10 grand without blinking an eye. It is interesting that Romney is one of the best candidates we have right now for the upcoming Presidential race because his image does not seem to fit our current economic status.

I am strongly considering changing my bank account because my bank is now charging 15 bucks a month unless I keep an obscene amount of cash in it. I have been a member of that bank for almost 7 years so it is not something I really want to do, but meanwhile the gas prices in California are skyrocketing (currently $4.30 for regular gas in my area) and I am taking time out of my day to research credit unions which can give me more bang for my buck. While I am not a low-income individual, I look at Romney and think that here is a man who has gazillions in investments, and, quite frankly, is on the level of Trump, Buffet, or some corporate CEO making thousands per day. Like most Americans, I am at the stage where I am happy that I can at least pay my bills and have basic health insurance (not an easy thing for the average Joe).

While I understand that all these politicians are doing very well financially, maybe not Romney-well, but are making at least 6 figures, I feel that at least Obama seems like he could do and or say regular American things as opposed to hopping on a corporate jet to fly to Dubai for a round of golf.

What is the image of President Obama? Think about it. You see him playing basketball, singing Al Green, or discussing trying to keep his family “normal” despite the celebrity status. For a successful guy like Obama, at least we can see a bit of average Joe, as opposed to someone who owns islands and sports teams.

I am trying to switch a bank account because I want to save $15 per month. I feel like Romney might do something if it saved him $15,000 per month. I’m not sure if I think that he could give a crap about the less fortunate. He has even come out saying that his focus is the middle class, making the poor feel like they may be hopeless.

Politicians will never be poor people—heck, it takes tons of money to run for office and manage a campaign. People probably wouldn’t want a poor person as President anyway, since wealth to some degree is equated with smart decisions and leadership.

I would argue for at least someone more down-to-earth than Romney, as far as to keep one foot in the reality that is our current economic climate. I don’t think I would want Romney to kiss my baby and represent us to other countries. I would, possibly, ask him advice about annuities or mutual funds.

Maybe some people (Republicans) would argue that we need a filthy rich person to be in that position. This goes along with the ethical issue. There are a lot of slimeballs in politics. Perhaps what we need is a slimeball as President, because they could better lead all the other slimeballs in Washington? I’m not sure if I buy into that logic. It didn’t really work for us with Nixon.

Do we really need our president to be Scrooge McDuck? An individual that takes a proverbial swim in his huge building full of cash?

All I’m saying is that the guy who is elected in office shouldn’t look at the President’s salary (400k) and perceive it as a pay cut.

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