Nuclear Reactor Missed Inspections

Tokyo, Japan-

It appears the nuclear reactor at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex, had failed to have safety inspections. In a report sent to Japan’s nuclear safety agency, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan’s largest utility company, said it had “failed to inspect 33 pieces of equipment” including a motor and backup generator, less than two weeks prior to the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

This has caused a huge red flag among safety and utility regulators.  The fact that the backup systems have failed to operate correctly is quite critical as they work to contain the leaked radiation. There have also been questions raised about the relationship between the agency, “ which has been criticized for its close ties to the industry it regulates, said it had been assured the equipment that had gone without inspection would be tested in the near term by Tokyo Electric.”

Workers are at it around the clock to contain the leaks and restore the facility while a current investigation is going on.

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