Owling Because Planking Is So Two Months Ago

OWLING! Because Planking is old

Crouch like an Owl, take a picture, OWLING!

OWLING, because Planking is so two months ago.  Or at least it was according to this photo that was used by the Washington Post in July of 2011 when they covered the new phenomenon.  Have to be honest, I recently tried Planking, just a few nights ago, figuring hey I wrote about it this summer, but never actually did it.  Planking I found through following Google Trends, Owling; Facebook.

A friend posted a link in regards to the new fad on my Facebook page.  At first I thought it was a complete joke, as we had gone to see the owl movie, Legend of the Guardians movie when it came out.   Although Planking hit the trends hard, it seems as though Owling was not far behind.  When Washington Post covered Owling back in July it seemed to just be picking up.  Now, well we all know where Planking went!

Facebook has dozens of pages dedicated to the sport of Owling (technically I believe that is what I can refer to it as).  One page even categorizes itself, as a professional sports team of owlers, having roughly 51,352 likes as of today.  Twitter? #OWLING and find out.

What is this Owling? Well personally I am quite excited to try it myself.  Planking dealt with a person lying as stiff as a board, flat on random objects and taking a snapshot; Owling is a bit more complicated.

Facebook Owling

Facebook group for Owling

Requiring balance and creative endeavor, Owling is not open to everyone in the sense Planking was.  First you have to crouch on your tippy toes, balancing your rear end over them as though you will hop like a bunny rabbit.  Next you have to hold the pose with your hands down at your sides, as though you are an owl sitting on a branch.  Genius? No Owling!

OwlPosts.com is an official site that is starting to gain in popularity. I find it simply amazing how fast Planking, now Owling were able to take ahold of so many minds (and bodies) across the world.  Its all about the pose, the picture that will blow up online and make the individual the next internet sensation.

Oddee.com posted the 12 Weirdest Photos of Owling back on July 15th of this year.   CNN did a piece on Owling as well in July and I noticed a familiar name accredited with the humor, Cheezburger, of which I know thanks to my roommates who are obsessed with the Cheezburger cats.

Ben Huh, founder of the Cheezburger site, commented on Owling and how it went viral over many other attempts at funny humor.

“Owling is actually more of an indication of how big Planking is,” said Ben Huh, founder of the Cheezburger Network of sites and blogs, which focus largely on Internet humor and memes.


"D" Bear Planking at a Gas Station

“Planking is kind of like the Rebecca Black of Internet memes,” he said, referring to the “Friday” pop singer. “So many people think it’s so stupid — but they’re watching it and they’re parodying it.”

Owling first took off on the site Reddit.com that is known for paving the way for many of the humor that goes viral on the internet.  An Internet meme, Owling has taken celebrities by force as well, Hilary Duff being one of the most famous owlers.

owling hilary duff

Hilary Duff Owling

For those who have not yet tried Owling, please be advised it is dangerous, as was Planking.  Be aware of how high you are, where you are crouching and your own personal skills of balancing before you try Owling.

Owling the New Planking YouTube Video

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  1. Kimmy says:

    #owling tweet it, this is way cooler than #planking

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