Peyton Manning Signs Contract with Colts

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning may not be cleared to practice due to a second surgery for a disc problem in his neck, but he is set for life; literally.

During the last two days the NFL has recovered and is back into full swing as free agent deals are intensifying, that is until the name Peyton Manning popped up with the number of $90,000,000 next to it.   The Indianapolis Colts signed Peyton Manning for five more years costing the team $90 million paid out around $18 million over the length of each season, getting $23 million for the first three years.  Ironically New England Patriots prodigy Tom Brady, got the same deal last year.  Friends off the field, rivals on, this is one thing the boys don’t mind walking away ‘tied’.

Despite being sidelined due to a neck injury, Manning’s second surgery that he underwent earlier this month does not seem to be an issue for owner Jim Irsay, who according to The Seattle Times is ‘thrilled’.

“Signing Peyton was a top priority for this organization, and we are thrilled that the deal is complete,” Irsay said in a statement released by the team Saturday. “We feel that it is a salary cap-friendly deal and it allows us more flexibility.”

Flexibility is right.  Regardless of his stiff neck, Peyton Manning has numbers that justify a check that any club would cut. According to Pete Prisco, Senior Writer, ‘Manning has 54,828 yards and Favre has 71,838 yards. Manning needs to average just over 27 touchdown passes the next four seasons to pass Favre as the all-time leader in touchdown passes. He’s averaged 31 the past four.’

Not only does Peyton Manning have numbers to prove he deserves the deal, the dedicated quarterback has never missed a game in 13 seasons and his passion for the game of football offsets the facts that he does not have the strongest arm, or the quickest set of feet.

They say that there are two types of athletes.  One has the natural talent, the ability to just walk out and play, you know make it look easy.  Than there is the other kind, the one who sweats and bleeds their sport of choice, blessed with an innate passion to get up no matter how many times they are pushed down, sprint out the last bit of suicide runs when everyone else is lagging and play as though every game was their last.  Peyton Manning is the second athlete, drive, perseverance and dedicated the Indianapolis Colts will not be disappointed when their boy walks back on the field.  Moreover no matter how NFL fans feel, whether they love Peyton Manning or not, the boy has talent and obviously he is worth keeping around for a few more years.

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