Presidential Candidates 2012 Democrats, Republicans and More

Presidential Candidates 2012

Socialist, Democrats, Libertarian, Republicans all have Presidential Candidates

Is it the media or the presidential candidates making this next election the hottest topic in the news?  The United States presidential election of 2012 is to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. It will be the 57th quadrennial presidential election in which presidential electors, who will actually elect the President and the Vice President of the United States on December 17, 2012. So with President Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate running for his second term, there is still the debate as to who will represent the Republican Party amongst the 2012 presidential candidates.

Enclosed is a list of the current 2012 presidential candidates starting with the Democratic Party and on down to the Libertarian and then Socialist Parties:

Obama Presidential Candidates

2012 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

Democratic Presidential Candidates- Barack Obama

The Current President of the United States, the 50-year old Barak Obama is dealing with a growing number of issues that have taken its toll on his presidency. Questions about his health care plan, the recession, rising unemployment rates and more recently, the debt ceiling controversy in the Capitol, have seen his popularity plummet.  Some even say he is on a slippery slope amongst the other 2012 presidential candidates.

One argument from his supporters is that most of the issues that are weighing him down were inherited from the previous administration, and Obama is merely cleaning up the mess. They are quick to highlight his recent successes against Osama bin Laden, the jobs created in the two years of his administration that the Bush administration could not match in eight years, the recovery of the automotive industry following the Obama-led bailout plan two years ago – all proof of President Obama’s successful policies. However, the biggest question among his doubters is whether Obama is capable of making his own stance, as his current approach is gradually being interpreted as a symbol of his indecisiveness and lack of convictions; which under the present social and economic conditions and the Republican-dominated Congress, threatens to consign the nation into a rudderless second term

Republican Presidential Candidates- Michele Bachmann

The Tea Party gal, 55-year old Michele Bachmann, U.S. Representative from Minnesota, recently shined in the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Debate with a polished, confident and articulate presence.  Bachmann has suddenly established herself among the pack of the race. While she still has some way to go before catching up with Romney, Perry and Santorum, her conservative power base is fully capable of competing with the big boys.  Her ability to rally the grassroots and the conservative base of the GOP ensures that Bachmann will continue to hold a significant position in the eventual outcome of the nomination race amongst the 2012 presidential candidates.

Herman Cain Presidential Candidates

Herman Cain is running as on of the Republican 2012 Presidential Candidates

Republican Presidential Candidates- Herman Cain

Out of all of the 2012 presidential candidates, this 65-year old former pizza baron and devout Christian from a middle class upbringing, signifies the American rags to riches story. His father held three jobs, and his mother worked as a maid, just to put Cain through school. He did not disappoint them, excelling in his studies and earning his degree in Mathematics from Morehouse College, before obtaining his MSc in Computer Science from Purdue while working for the US Navy.  The high-flying executive in the corporate world and much respected figure in the Republican speaking circuit as well as an ABC (American Black Conservative). He supports the return to the gold standard, small government and free enterprise. A confident and articulate speaker, Cain would be a challenging opponent in any debate.

Republican Presidential Candidate- Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the House, Gingrich masterminded the contract that saw the Republicans grabbing control of the House from the Democrats for the first time in 40 years. “He became the de facto head of the party and led the Republicans with a no-holds barred and bruising approach against the Clinton-led Democrats that at one stage, even saw the federal government shutting down. On the contrary, his abrasive style eventually saw him losing control of the House, and he resigned from his position as Speaker under threat of mutiny.” ( Gingrich, known as an out-of-the box thinker, understands most of the issues affecting the country.

Presidential Candidates Huntsman

2012 Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman

Republican Presidential Candidates- Jon Huntsman

Former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China, Huntsman may very well turn out to be the hero of the Republican presidential candidates in 2012.  The bipartisan former aide to both former presidents Reagan and Bush (H.W, is a conservative who is respected by the liberals, friendly with the average American, a devout Mormon and a nationalist.

While serving as the Governor of Utah, he held a high approval rating just above 70%. He won reelection for his second term by an incredible 77.7% of the votes. The “Pew Center on the States” cited Utah as the best managed state in the country during his tenure.

During his time with the Republican administration of the 80’s and early 90’s, he rose from an aide to the United States Ambassador to Singapore within a few years. The fact that he has nothing to hide or cover up, makes him all the more appealing.

Republican Presidential Candidates- Ron Paul

This U.S. Representative from the State of Texas and eleven-term Congressman, is a constitutionalist, and makes no apologies about it. He believes in small governments, non-expansionist foreign policy, gold-backed currency, personal liberty and abolishing federal income taxes. He holds the most conservative voting record in Congress, and he is also the biggest supporter for the dismantling of the Federal Reserves.

Rick Perry

Rick Perry, Republican Presidential Candidate 2012

Republican Presidential Candidates- Rick Perry

A former Air force captain and the current Governor of Texas, Rick Perry holds two unique titles: the nation’s longest-serving governor and perhaps the most powerful in Texas’ history.  James Richard Perry is the longest serving Texan Governor in history, having served three elected terms and a single half term in office, after former President George Bush vacated his seat to assume the presidency in 2001.  As a Republican conservative, this may very well turn out to be his strongest selling point.

Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney

Presidential Candidate Willard Mitt Romney

Republican Presidential Candidates- Willard Mitt Romney

The former Governor of Massachusetts, Willard Mitt Romney was also a former advisor to President George W. Bush, and 2008 Republican nominee John McCain.  His greatest strength, the ability to build a consensus from diverging factions, may also his biggest weakness and the fact that he appears to be intent on pleasing everyone, gives a perception that he may go back-and-forth on his ideals and positions of them.

Republican Presidential Candidates- Rick Santorum

The former US Senator from Pennsylvania and rising star of the Republican Party, has never been one to run away from a problem or controversy. Described as a passionate and opinionated man, Rick Santorum’s stance on the economy, social issues, national security, and his position against gay agenda matches those of the Republican conservative.  One of his attributes may be that he is a recognizable practicing Catholic among the front runners of the GOP for 2012, a race that presents him with a unique advantage on religious support and money. Not to mention his relationship with Evangelical Protestants offers yet another avenue of support among the Christian conservative base.  Santorum’s speaking skills, regular television appearances on FOX  and his distinct contacts among Washington’s lobbyists,  adds further weight to his ability as a Republican candidate.

Libertarian Presidential Candidates- R. Lee Wrights

A Libertarian Activist, R. Lee Wrights is running on the motto, “Stop All Wars.” His main concern is to end costly and ineffective wars. Whether they are wars abroad or domestic, like the war on drugs and terrorism, he believes in the Libertarian ideal.  He has an idea that foreign policy should be dictated by America as the “good neighbor” rather than the “nosy neighbor.”   He feels that our country has become known internationally for involvement in what happens with other nations. He also feels that non-intervention is the route to take for ending terrorism and promoting peace. He believes the war on the American taxpayer must also be stopped.

Americans can also benefit by stopping spending and/or involvement this country does not need, such as international conflict. Wrights insists that we must not slow or cut spending, but stop it altogether for a balanced budget, with the selling off of all government-owned property and contracts. Healthcare has become a controversial topic with healthcare and insurance costs soaring. Wrights proposes deregulation thus lowering the burden of cost to taxpayers. Costs associated with programs like Medicare and Medicaid would be put into private health insurance plans and deposited tax-free into private savings accounts. If the Food and Drug Administration is abolished, Wrights insists that free-market availability of low cost options will become available to Americans.

Libertarian Presidential Candidates-Roger Gary

The former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas, Roger Gary has been a Libertarian since 1977 and has served his home state of Texas as an elected official for his party. In 1993, he was elected to the San Antonio River Authority where he served as Director. In 2010, Gary placed third as a candidate for the Texas Railroad Commission in a four-way race with 139, 978 votes – more votes than the Texas gubernatorial candidate received.

Serving as State Chair of the Libertarian Party for Texas, Roger V. Gary has stated that he prefers to campaign at the local and state levels. By running for Libertarian candidate for president, he hopes he can to bring positive attention and more voters to understand Libertarian principles to join the Libertarian party.

Presidential Candidates Carl Person

Carl Person, Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Libertarian Presidential Candidates-Carl Person

Serving as an attorney for over 40 years, Carl Person (pronounced peer-son) is a New York attorney and founder of the Paralegal Institute.  He has spent his career as a private Attorney General, using litigation, anti-trust, trademark, and foreclosure as his primary focus in legal matters. Person proposes deregulation of business, education, and healthcare as a means of improving the economy.  He owns over 100 websites, mostly relating to law in which he urges people to “stop paying your mortgages” and student loans.

Socialist Presidential Candidates- Stewart Alexander

A political Activist and also the Chairperson for the Socialist Party of California as well as the Executive Director of the African American Civil Liberties Union, This father of two (including a stepson from his second marriage) is at the very heart of it, an idealistic, left leaning, middle class American.  He plans on centering his campaign on worker’s rights and civil support infrastructure. Alexander, who once served as a reserve in US Air Force March Joint Air Reserve Base, will be participating in his fourth top-tier election following defeats in Los Angeles Mayoral (1989), California’s Lieutenant Governorship (2006), American Vice-President (2008) and California’s gubernatorial (2010) elections. His first brush with politics was back in 1984, when he campaigned for the Democratic presidential nominee, Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Diversity is clear across the board of the 2012 presidential candidates.  Who is going to prevail out of the presidential candidates in 2012?  When are the presidential candidates going to be solidified?  Chris Christie spoke of joining the race, Donald Trump and think about Herman Cain joined the presidential candidates late in the game.  What is it about the 2012 election and the presidential candidates that the news loves so much?





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