Roseanne Barr Running For President via Green Party

Roseanne Barr Running For President

Roseanne Barr is running for President of the United States.  Yes, you read that right. Not president of the Screen Actors Guild or some show business-type thing, but president of the USA.

As I wait for your groaning to stop, I should preface this with saying it could be worse? The Terminator himself could start buzzing about him running for the position, even though he is not a natural born American, he could, I don’t know, find a loophole somewhere. Roseanne Barr does not seem like an obvious choice. At least with someone like Oprah, people already put most of their faith in whatever comes out of her mouth. It’s not that I roll my eyes at any celebrity looking to be President, just those that seem like they are doing it for the publicity alone.

Roseanne announced that she is seeking the Green party nomination. Barr filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission last month, according to the LA Times.

If elected the actress says she will institute European style, single-payer health care within the first 100 days of her term and forgive all credit card and mortgage debt.

Ok, I will now pause for more rolling of the eyes.

The last I heard, Roseanne was living in Hawaii where she was running her own nut farm. On second thought, maybe should she would be a good candidate. Then I started to put together a list of reasons why she would be better than Romney, Gingrich, or Obama.

Roseanne BarrThe top 10 reasons why Roseanne should win:

(drumroll please)

10. I would rather have a President Roseanne than a “President Newt” or “President Mitt” and that says a lot.

9. With a female president, a black president wouldn’t seem like as much of a big deal.

8. The debates and every future state of the union speech would likely be entertaining.

7. Maybe Tom Arnold would be Secretary of State.

6. Roseanne might be wealthy but I don’t think she is “Romney wealthy.”

5. School lunches would now consist of macadamia nuts. *see note above about her running a nut farm

4. Late night talk show comics will forever have material, every night for the life of their show.

3. Roseanne would make everyone address her as “Domestic Goddess” instead of president.

2. A comedian in office would be either a really good idea or a really bad one.

And the number one reason why Roseanne should be president?

1. She has experience running a nut farm. Perhaps she is actually qualified to run Washington.

The real story here is probably the fact that people like Roseanne likely are smart enough to know that by doing this, they have little to no chance of actually winning. They do this to gain attention for the issues important to them.

The Huffington Post reminds us that Barr used the language of the Occupy Wall Street movement during her announcement on Thursday, calling on the 99% of Americans to help power her cause. She’s long been identified as a populist figure; her sitcom “Roseanne,” which ran from 1988 to 1997, offered a refreshingly realistic look at working-class life at a time when TV shows like “Dallas” and “Dynasty” were peddling high-end glamour. Barr is now developing a new sitcom at NBC called “Downwardly Mobile,” set in a mobile home community.

Roseanne Barr has had a history of having a temper with her staff of her TV series, meaning she has fired people very easily. Perhaps for politics, that would be a good thing? Who knows? We’ll see how this thing plays out—I bet Romney and Gingrich aren’t really sweating it.

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