Sandy Hook Hoax: Bromberg’s Leadership on Acid Part Two

Sandy Hook Hoax: Bromberg’s Leadership on Acid Part Two


Is the Sandy Hook Shooting a hoax?

I would be surprised if we indeed find that to be true.

Leaders of media have to be able to confirm or deny a hoax. I saw that “Sandy Hook Hoax” and “Sandy Hook Conspiracy” were trending and I couldn’t believe what I was starting to read. People out there actually will argue that Sandy Hook was staged to push government agenda.


#1: Cut through the Bull

Conspiracy theories are funny.

Anybody who thinks Sandy Hook was a hoax should get together with the folks who still say the Holocaust and 9/11 was a hoax. When they meet up, somebody will shoot up the place and then inevitably people will call that a hoax.

Be able to look at each argument with an open mind but then consider the evidence. We’ve all seen a large amount of media coverage of the Sandy Hook event on national, as well as local news. A hoax or conspiracy can only go so far—staging something is possible, but something so elaborate to such a widespread and emotional level is quite absurd. You can impersonate a human or even an animal (Bigfoot?) but to stage a shooting is beyond comprehension.

Here is something I took from an article in the Vancouver Sun:

“You know in your heart that no one could walk into a school and start shooting defenseless little kids,” writes Jay Johnson, on his website, “They are trying to alter mass perception of the human condition, so that people feel insecure and trust only the government to make things safe.”

I suppose you would call yourself a leader and proponent of a hoax if you built a whole website for it. I mean, you have to go as far as to purchase the domain name and then set up the theme or site design. Now it may not be the most professional looking site, but still, these days anyone can make a site for, unfortunately, anything.

I suppose I should have seen this coming (gratuitous web sites) many years ago when I found out about which still says the exact same thing as it did when I first went to it some 10 plus years ago.

#2: Fight stupidity with stupidity

So when I see something like “” you could just as easily make your own website: “” and as I am writing this, that domain is available if you want it.

I should say to be careful when you fight things with stupidity, since in corporate America, which lends itself naturally to many stupid things on a daily basis, sometimes as a leader or a manager, you can only laugh in the inside but tell your employee a reasonable solution or a fix so as to save face, because if your follower doesn’t know that it is stupid, then you have fight it with logic. It’s like an inside joke—if you are not in on it, than you have no idea it was funny in the first place. If your follower does see the stupidity, then please, fight it with stupidity and enjoy.

On a serious note, I can’t imagine what it must be like for the families and loved ones of the victims, and so the mere idea that such an event could be staged, is just insulting. It takes a lot of nerve to put out such theories, even if there are some curious videos or images that are used as “evidence” for such arguments. Unless you can prove, without a doubt, that something was fake—don’t tarnish an already sensitive and emotionally charged experience for even a small group of people, let alone one with a worldwide audience.

I welcome reasonable skepticism, but know that there are consequences to launching wide-reaching campaigns for controversial (and unlikely) points of view. Some people don’t think about the ramifications if their theories are wrong, and they should.

The theorists should go on a conspiracy theory show so that everything can be investigated by a third party and then if they are wrong, they get a pie in the face at the end of the show.

I would watch that show. Would you?  Send us your comments.


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