Sarah Palin Hires Michael Glassner As Her Political Advisor:

Sarah Palin hires Michael Glassner

A1C Willard E. Grande II via Palin hires Michael Glassner

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has hired Michael Glassner to be her top political advisor, a move that to many political insiders indicates her intentions to run for president in 2012—something she has thus far repeatedly denied.

Glassner worked with Palin during her 2008 Vice Presidential campaign, when she was the running mate of Arizona Senator John McCain on the Republican ticket. He has a long history in running Republican campaigns, dating back to the failed presidential campaign of Bob Dole back in 1996. He will coordinate Palin’s political activities through “SarahPAC”, her political action committee.

While no Republican has officially come forward and announced their candidacy for president, several thought-to-be contenders have already begun assembling their teams of advisors and campaign managers, all in preparation to have everything lined up and in place for when they make their announcements. Attaining a quality political advisor is considered by many to be one of the most crucial first steps in putting together a well developed campaign operation, and Palin’s recent activity to hire Glassner is seen as her way of keeping pace with other possible candidates.

This is also a major step towards “big league” politics for Palin, who until recently has always worked with a small staff—with many of the political decisions made personally by her. Representatives for Palin denied any inquiries into her future plans, stating the hiring of Glassner was simply to relieve some pressures from the over-worked former Governor.

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