Serial Killer Hits the OC

serial killer

I’ve been watching the television show Dexter these days, getting fully enveloped into the world of a serial killer who works for Miami PD forensics as a blood analyst. Throughout the series, the serial killer in the show choose their victims for a reason and all exhibit some sort of pattern to their behavior. In real life, it appears that this could also be the case.

The LA Times reports on a series of killings throughout Orange County that investigators believe to be the work of the same person. What’s the pattern? The victims were homeless people.

In Dexter the serial killer all had nicknames like the Ice Truck Killer, Bay Harbor Butcher, or Trinity. What would be the nickname for this guy—“The Homeless Killer?”

The police have not disclosed yet if they know of a motive or if the victims were asleep during the killings or not. They have released a surveillance image which shows a figure walking toward one of the victims, James Patrick McGillivray, age 53. The suspect is wearing a dark, hooded sweat shirt or sweater. Two other middle aged homeless men were stabbed within 10 days.

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens also spoke at the news conference, and said the coroner’s office and the Orange County crime lab are working to expedite evidence.

“We want to get the information out to our homeless community throughout the county to be careful to not be alone if possible, to not go into the dark areas or isolated areas as much as possible,” she said.

One question might be why one would want to kill homeless people? Is this an elitist upper crust member of society bent on serving out dishes of twisted Darwinism? Perhaps it is a deranged member of a homeowner’s association? Maybe it is a psychotic realtor or leasing agent hoping to encourage homeless people to buy or rent a property? These days, people will do anything to increase market share.

Whatever the case, if you are homeless and live in OC, you might want to at least move to LA, San Diego, or probably anywhere else in the country.

Police said Wednesday that they are looking for a “serious, dangerous serial killer operating in Orange County.”

Maybe the homeless people should walk to Disneyland—no killers would go to the happiest place on earth, would they? Although, it is a small world after all.

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