Super Bowl XLVI Touchdown Topics

Super Bowl XLVI

Indianapolis, IN-

A lot of topics are being discussed at this week’s Super Bowl XLVI.  From the level of football  the Giants are playing now to Tom Brady and Co. and will the Gronk play, to Peyton Manning and what his future holds for him in Indy and finally to the Super Bowl XLVI Z-Line.

Wait a minute, the Super Bowl Zip line?  Yeah, that “NFL Experience” the fans get to submerge themselves in along with all of the other activities going on in downtown Indy.  It appears that the 15 second ride 60 feet above the crowd over Super Bowl Village is quite the attraction.  People were buying tickets online several months ago and those without, must wait in line to see availability for the day.  Colts owner Jim Irsay mentioned in an interview to Rich Eisen on the NFL Network, that he heard scalping for the zip line was around $500.

Brady and Manning Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI quarterbacks Patriot-Brady Giants-Manning

Anyway, back to football.  Some are saying this game is a rematch for the Patriots from Super Bowl 42 when they were upset 17-14 by a young and barely experienced Eli Manning.  Other will argue this game is just a sequel for the Giants as they are clearly the better team, although Vegas would have you think different.  Vegas odds have the Patriots a 3 point favorite.  You can also factor in the fact that the Giants beat the Pats during the regular season, in Foxboro for that matter.

Moving on to the injuries list.  It appears that one of the biggest questions so far this week is the injury to Pat’s TE Rob Gronkowski.  He suffered a high-ankle injury during the win over the Ravens.  A high ankle sprain can be one of the more serious injuries to sustain due to the adjoining ligaments.  Rehab, which the Patriots say Gronkowski is doing, can decrease swelling, heal neuromuscular damage, break up scar tissue and most importantly, strengthen the ankle joint to return to the field.  Well he hasn’t practiced this week or last, so he can only absorb the game plan as a spectator not as a participant.  Also, coach Belichick always submits 12 players to the injury list on the Friday before the game.  This keeps the opponents coaches kinda guessing when it comes to developing their own game plan.  Not this time, they are playing on turf which is less forgiving to joints and Gronkowski will only be effective during the first few series, if at all.  He may just be a big decoy until the G-Men figure that out?  So, I wouldn’t expect to see much out of him, although I expect he’ll try.  T Matt Light of the Patriots does expect to play after suffering what was called a stomach illness.  He was quarantined from the team and media day, but is expected to play come Sunday.  The Giants are reporting no injuries at this time although RB Ahmad Bradshaw is still healing from a cracked bone in his foot.  An injury he suffered during the regular season which kept him out 4 games.  You wouldn’t have known that during their route of the 49ers as the leading rusher for the Giants with 20 carries for 74 yards.

isray peyton manningOn to Peyton Manning.  In an interview between Rich Eisen and Colts owner Jim Irsay, Irsay tried to clear up the entire buzz around Peyton and their “Marriage” in Indy.  Here is the situation, Manning’s neck vertebrae was fused together after suffering a pinched nerve then a bulging disk.  Three surgeries in all.  There is no way to tell how he’ll respond to contact, his throwing motion, the quick movements and every other obstacle an NFL quarterback has to endure before the pass is even released.  The Colts also hold the #1 draft pick and Andrew Luck is being regarded not only as the #1 pick, but the best college quarterback to come out in years.  Irsay also mentioned the fact that the sport is also a business and they have to do what’s best for the team and the fans.  It’s tough though because Peyton brought home a Lombardi trophy to Indy.  Another factor is that Peyton is due a bonus around 18 million in March, which is over a month before the draft.  So they are on the clock.  Irsay did say with regards to the fans in Indy that either way, he’ll hear some trash.

So there you have it folks.  Super Bowl XLVI should be everything we sense it will be.  My prediction for the game is NY 24- NE 20.  Did I mention that the team that has lost to a certain team in another Super Bowl and then met them again in the Super Bowl is 1-3 the second time around? Super Bowl XLVI certainly going to be one for the record books.


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