Operation Enduring Freedom Calling All Soldier Stories

Operation Enduring Freedom, so we are what operating to continue freedom?  Lasting freedom?  Honestly this Operation Enduring Freedom is nothing more than a perfect title to a political war.  While America continues to be free, what is the price she

Dog Hawkeye Lays Beside Coffin of Petty Officer Jon Tumilson

dog hawkeye by coffin

The bond between a man and animal is seen as the dog Hawkeye lays next to his master's coffin. Petty Officer Jon Tumilson was killed in the chinook helicopter crash on August 6, 2011. Through an extraordinary display

In the Army the Stryker Brigade Combat Team

In the army the basic salary for a private with less than 2 years experience is around $17,611 according to GoArmy.com. When compared with the cast of the Jersey Shore, Snooki makes $10,000 for an hour appearance at a bar.

Leroy Petry Awarded the Medal of Honor

The war in Afghanistan has been raging for years. Many soldiers have been injured or have lost their lives in the struggle to defend our nation. Recently, a soldier was acknowledged for his sacrifice and service to our country. July

Marine Steve Jorgenson Struck Down in NYC During Fleet Week

Marine Steve Jorgenson served 9 months in Afghanistan and was about to embark upon a new training mission where he would learn how to detect and dismantle IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) before he was struck down by a car in

Osama bin Laden Killed by U.S. Special Forces

May 1st, 2011 marks not only the day that Hitler was declared dead but now Osama bin Laden as well.  There is one less evil person in the world tonight, as Americans all over celebrate the justice that has finally