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Michael Jordan Turns 50: Leadership on Acid (part 6)

Leadership and Greatness

Michael Jordan turns 50: Leadership on Acid part 6.  I think we view Michael Jordan in sports the way we viewed Michael Jackson in music: Unquestionably one of the most talented players of their game. As I think about Jordan,

Casey Anthony – Why Do Misdeeds Make People Infamous?

The Casey Anthony trial has been national news for some time now. Millions of people have been following the case; essentially making Anthony a national celebrity. After the shocking “not guilty” verdict on the charges of first degree murder and

Will Pia Toscano still be a superstar?

Former ‘American Idol’ contestant Pia Toscano, last to be voted off the show in an unexpected turn of events, may become a big star despite having left the ultra-popular television show. Sources from Us Weekly report that the ‘Idol’ celebrity