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Bringing Baby Home to Older Siblings

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is a moment every parent treasures, but what about when you have an older child?  Is the older sibling going to feel resentment towards the new baby? Will they understand to be

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Aftermath

Fukushima nuclear disaster was worse than Chernobyl. To think with all of our present day technology, science, and mind power it is now 5 months later and there is still no positive outlook or even assurance that the Japanese

Is Childhood Obesity Abuse?

The American lifestyle is overindulgent. With endless choices available, gluttony is likely. Society teaches us to want; often times much more than we need. This fact applies to many areas of our lives, especially food. So it’s no wonder that

Video Games and Childrens Attention Spans

In this time of technology children and adolescent’s exposure to visual media is constantly increasing. It used to be that only television was the concern, now parents have a multitude of other visual sources to which their children are being

High Blood Pressure In kids Linked To Secondhand Smoke:

A new study has found that secondhand smoke poses a long-term risk to young children’s cardiovascular systems, and suggests that those who live in a household where a parent or guardian smokes have an increased chance of developing high blood