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Mitt Romney : A Focus On The Middle Class, Or A Lack Of Focus On The Poor?

Mitt Romney

  Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has caught some backlash from some poorly worded sentences he has uttered, some of which make him seem out of touch with those that are in economic hard times. This, of course, could be a

About the Brain | Why Machine Voiceovers Are Usually Female

About the Brain GPS, TomTom and machines use female voices because it is all about the brain and what it prefers We all wonder about the brain.  What is it about the brain that makes us partial towards certain foods,

Chilean Miners Feel Forgotten One Year Later

Chilean Miners One Year Later On October 13, 2010 33 Chilean miners were rescued after 69 days underground.  1,500 journalists crowded the surface, documenting the inspirational rescue of the Chilean miners.  However in today’s world, what is hot news today