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    Disneyland’s White Rabbit: Racist?

    Disneyland’s White Rabbit: Racist?  A report from KGTV-TV Channel 10 San Diego tells us about an African-American family suing Disneyland for possible racism coming from a cast member in a White Rabbit costume. The Black…

  • disney

    Disney Allows Beards for its Theme Park Employees

    Beginning Feb. 3, Disney employees at the theme parks can show up to work with a beard or a goatee without worry, as long as it is shorter than a quarter of an inch. According…

  • serial killer

    Serial Killer Hits the OC

    I’ve been watching the television show Dexter these days, getting fully enveloped into the world of a serial killer who works for Miami PD forensics as a blood analyst. Throughout the series, the serial killer…