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President Obama Fires Back at Donald Trump

President Barack Obama can joke as he showed off his silly side at the White House Correspondents dinner last night.  Even more amusing was Donald Trump sitting there stone cold and unexpecting of the roast, of which he would later

Donald Trump Products Manufactured in China As He Raves About Job Loss in America

Portsmouth, New Hampshire I have one question for you, were you ready? Alright you got me; I really do not care for Donald Trump after his recent onslaught about President Obama’s birth certificate.  Not because I am an avid Obama

Certificate of Live Birth of President Obama Released By White House As Real as Trump’s Comb Over

April 27th, 2011 straight out of Washington D.C. the White House is proud to present, President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Proof is finally being brought forward on this day that President Barack Obama is in fact a United States citizen,

Trump for President?

Barack Obama is all about raising taxes on those who make $250,000 and over a year, but guess what, Donald Trump has a few ideas of his own and raising the taxes is not one of them.  President Obama announced