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Sandy And The City: Hurricane Sandy Hits NYC

Walking out of the liquor store on 37th and 3rd, I could not help but wonder if Hurricane Sandy is driving other New Yorkers to drink.  If you ask this New Yorker, looks like Hurricane Sandy is gonna rock us

Hurricane Katia Joins Hurricane Season 2011

Hurricane season 2011 has been pounding the Eastern seaboard of the United States as Hurricane Katia looms down in the caribbean.  Only weeks after Hurricane Irene ravaged the east coast, Hurricane Katia has emerged with the possibility of following the

Hurricane Irene Hits New York This Weekend

Hurricane Irene Plans, precautions and news as Hurricane Irene hits New York Hurricane Irene hits New York with force this weekend and New York has always been a relatively safe place to live when it comes to natural disasters. According

Hurricane Irene Apps

Isn’t it interesting how apps have pretty much dominated how we live nowadays? Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, you know that there is an app for everything. Want to get in better