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Growing Up No Pain, No Gain Right?

Growing up has been a difficult path for me to embark upon. At the age of 27 I am not exactly where I pictured myself to be, however I have never felt more passionate about my purpose in life.  Unfortunately

Groupon should follow Google: Leadership on Acid (part 7)

Groupon should follow Google: Leadership on Acid (part 7) Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), the daily deal website that has gained intense popularity since its inception in 2008, is now almost as ubiquitous as Facebook. One can only wonder if it will continue

Facebook, Suicide Prevention, and the Future


I recently read a story about how Facebook now makes it easier for users to get help if they express suicidal thoughts or feelings. The social network site will now have a link that friends can click on next to

Regis Philbin is leaving ‘Live!’ after today

regis leaving TV

Regis Philbin is leaving Fifty years is a long time to do, well, anything. Being on TV for five decades is not only a feat worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records, but it gives people a sense of security,

Google DART Competes Against JavaScript

Google DART Programming Language for Web Google DART emerges as JavaScript competitor Google DART, launched today, previewing the alternative to Javascript for web application programmers.  JavaScript may be older but Google DART has the backing of the largest search engine

Square The “Smart” Credit Card Skimmer


Available on the Apple iPad, iPhone and iTouch, the Square allows users to accept credit cards via their mobile device.  The Square, a small white credit card skimmer, plugs into the headphone jack of the Apple device.

Google Wants Real Names No Pseudonyms

Google+ social media

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter were told to make room back in June when Google launched Google+ however no matter how big the ship, sailing on unchartered seas is bound to have some rough spots

Google+ Latest Venture For Google and Social Networking

Google+ is the newest addition to not only Google but the social networking world as well.  Most of you are thinking, Google joins the social network?  It seems that Google is tired of being the diving platform for everyone else’s

Google’s Latest Frontier: Google Android mobile OS or Apple’s iOS?

Google, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, are some of the platforms I use on a day-to-day basis in my line of work utilizing a laptop and a smartphone.  Whereas my great grandfather made some of the finest Italian shoes in women’s fashion

U.S. government approves of Google’s purchase of ITA Software

WASHINGTON, DC— In a decision that is sure to give the Internet search giant a major head up on the online travel competition, the U.S. Justice Department has cleared Google Inc. for its $700 million purchase of ITA Software, an