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U.S. News Ranks the Best Diets

You’ve heard of the U.S. News rankings of the top colleges, but the how about the top diets? How do you rank a diet, anyway? With so many diets out there, some super popular like Weight Watchers and some quite

Can The Super Bowl Really Cause Heart Attacks?

It’s Super Bowl week with the game on Sunday between the Green Bay Packers of the NFC and the Pittsburgh Steelers of the AFC, battling it out for the Vince Lombardi trophy and the Status of World Champions. The Super

You’ve Heard Of Super Foods, But Sweet Super Foods?

Super foods found in nature

Super foods are foods found in nature that can do things that many pharmaceutical drugs strive to do such as lower cholesterol, improve digestive and immune systems, and reduce risk of heart disease and cancer. Super foods are far superior