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Jerry Sandusky Sentenced 30-60 Years

Jerry Sandusky sentenced today for 30 to 60 years for his convictions on 45 counts of child sexual abuse involving ten boys over a 15 year period.  In case you have forgotten or have been living in the outback, Jerry

Penn State Scandal Results in Tragedy for Legend Paterno

Penn State Head Coach Paterno Fired It seems as though the hits keep coming with this whole Penn State University tragedy.  In the latest developments, Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno and school president, Graham Spanier, were fired Thursday evening

Joe Paterno Retirement Prompted by Sexual Abuse Scandal?

Joe Paterno Penn State Coach Former Defensive Coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, has been charged with 21 felony counts of molestation on the Penn State Campus   Who would have ever thought that Joe Paterno, one of the most influential men in