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Charlie Sheen Tweets Personal Phone Number Intended For Justin Bieber

Sometimes it pays to make sure you know how to use social media correctly. Charlie Sheen reportedly tweeted his phone number to his millions of followers when he meant to just send his number to Justin Bieber. One might ask

Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and the Holidays

I cringed a bit when I wrote an article headline that included both Obama the President of the United States and the young and ultra-popular music star Justin Bieber. These two folks aren’t anything alike but they both attended a

The ‘Sing-Off’ Finale

Have you watched Nick Lachey on the The ‘Sing-Off’ Finale   Perhaps the best vocal competition show on television came to a climax last night as the winner of all the 16 a cappella groups was announced: Pentatonix. I never

Simon Cowell Admits Cutting Amaro Would Be Mistake

Simon Cowell Says Sorry Gut instinct told Simon Cowell not to cut Melanie Amaro, he admitted on X Factor Simon Cowell, once again initiated a gasp that would be heard around the world from the audience.  Sometime around 9:45 p.m.

X Factor Diamonds in the Rough: Episode 3

X Factor Wednesday’s X Factor Episode 3 Wednesday’s X Factor showed clips from the Chicago and Seattle auditions, highlighting a few good singers, a few odd balls and a couple of possible diamonds in the rough. Several talented minors took

Justin Bieber At Movie Theaters

At the movies Justin Bieber

Never Say Never is hitting movie theaters this weekend. Justin Bieber is currently all the rage with the pre-teen girl demographic and considering all the media attention he has received, it’s hard to not be aware of his success. The