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Political Campaign or Popularity Contest?

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Political Campaign Every politician is involved in some sort of political campaign aka political agenda.  Isn’t it annoying when the fact-checkers find lies in the politician’s speech and the politician just moves on like nothing ever happened—as if

Politics, Passion, and YOU

Politics, Passion, Purpose I think too many people neglect their passion and do not embrace it. One of my passions, aside from writing, is motivational speaking—and like any passion, it helps if you can see your path to where you

Over 100 Medical Professionals Arrested In Latest Wave Of Medicare Fraud Busts:

In a massive bust covering nine U.S. cities, more than 100 medical professionals have been arrested and charged with fraud for illegally billing Medicare more than $225 million. The 111 suspects nabbed by federal authorities on Thursday were the latest