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Egypt Soccer Riot Adds Fuel to Egypt’s Insecurity Embers

Egypt Soccer Riot

Egypt Soccer Riot Al-Masry Soccer Fans Attack Al-Alhy Fans aka Ultras If you have not heard about the Egypt soccer riot yet, than perhaps it is about time you do.  The AP reported it as a narrow stadium exit, but

Obama Increases Pressure On Mubarak

Obama urges Mubarak to step down

President Barak Obama has urged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak “to make the right decision” to end weeks of unrest, and reiterated a call for an orderly transition of power “that begins now.” Obama also made it clear he was not

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Egyptians Rallying For Mubarak To Go

Egyptians Rallying For Mubarak To stepdown

On the 11th day of the massive protests that have triggered a revolution and put Egypt on front pages around the world, a crowd measuring in the hundreds of thousands marched peacefully in Cairo of Friday, past patient soldiers, to