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Act Of Valor Action Packed Success

Have you seen the Act of Valor yet?  Sure some are against the movie because it says that it stars real life Navy SEALs.  Or others say it does not do the real thing justice.  Whatever the case I am

Military Deployment A Civilian’s Guide To Giving Back

Military Deployment How to Help Those Troops Deployed During Holidays Military deployment comes at the worst times, usually the holidays.  When it comes to our boys and girls the military deployment schedule does not follow the calendar year.  It seems

Veterans Day Honoring Military History and Heroes

Veterans Day Veterans Day, formally known as Armistice Day, was set aside as a day to remember and reflect upon the agreement that ended the fighting during the First World War.  With every minute that passes throughout Veterans Day there

Medal of Honor Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer

dakota meyer

Since 1863 the Medal of Honor has been awarded to 3458 recipients. Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer is the first living Marine to receive the award for extraordinary service and duty in the Iraq/Afghan war.

In the Army the Stryker Brigade Combat Team

In the army the basic salary for a private with less than 2 years experience is around $17,611 according to GoArmy.com. When compared with the cast of the Jersey Shore, Snooki makes $10,000 for an hour appearance at a bar.

Naval Aviation Celebrates Century Mark

San Diego, CA- One hundred years ago the United States Navy took aviation to a level far surpassing anything any nation had ever done before. At a time when aircraft were made of wood and wire and the ships they